I'm making an RPG game

You mean “convoluted”? You’re 13, I don’t think you have quite the vocabulary to be making a video game, nor the literary sense necessary to properly move a plot along, or even the technical know how to construct the game at all.

I mean, I may be wrong, but you are just 13.

Mcolly Colkins (Never seen his name writen, so I don’t know if I spelled it right)
and Gary Coleman were both under 13 when they became famous. Besides, even Shakespere made up words like that. I’ve been studying. The constitution clearly states equal protection under all people in America, yet they have to be 18 in order to take a citizenship test. and 16 to drive. Is congress aware that it’s disobeying it’s own laws? Find out on the next episode of… This. Is it just me, or has this conversation been steering away from it’s point?

U gotta have a samurai, or cool jobs like final fantasy tactics, i like those kinds of games.

Acting and producing a game aren’t one in the same. Don’t get your hopes up.

What he means is that a kid your age probably doesn’t have the skill, both in the technological and literary senses to create a satisfactory game.

What I mean is, age is a over-rated limit. Just because most people of a group don’t do something corect does not mean none of them can. Unless people realize that, they will continue to suffer.
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Sure. If you say so.

there’s another <i>r</i> there.

hey, he can do it if he puts his mind to it. Do u think edision invented the light bulb, because he had experience, well electricity back then was a new thing. This dude can make a game that one day people will say, i enjoyed that game so. Stain, i believe u can do it. Keep working at it, cuz u will eventually get it. There has got to be people like u to make games for people like me who could never make games even if they tried.

… :no2:

Heh you know how many tries Edison had to go through before finding a filament that would actually last?

Sure he can do it, but will it be awe-inspiring, probably not.

Thank you, Nightmare Gun. I’m glad you see the world the way the sane half of me does. That is the half that has been out all day today. A new record!

Warning: My insane side may come out at any minute!

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I have been making the first parts of games for a long time, and most of them didn’t work, but I’ve been finding flaws and fixing them. I have also been searching for a way to make a succesful game and I’ve found it. You should probably consider that before you just asume a situation.

not to be mean, but just edit instead of double posting, some people hate it when u do it, just to warn ya. I did it and i didnt know, and they got mad at me.

oh ur welcome, i have 2 sides, a weird side, and a dull, gloomy, wish i was dead side.

Those are your two game ideas? You haven’t even made any story basis for your first idea. Second idea sounds boring and unoriginal to me, thus not an assumption it is my opinion.

I meant tries as in something that will be a game someone would want to play not something that works. Anyone could make a game that works, but making it interesting and worthwhile to play is something different.

There’s a lot of stuff I’m not posting because I don’t want to ruin the storyline. The first one starts with the leader of the unknown to most “Second kingdom” being assassinated. Since only 3 people, each known to have a reason to kill him, are around the fresh corpse, they are to blame. They each have a bunch of different goals. Also, a good strategy is to make the start of a game okay, but not as good as you can make it. This makes the rest of the game seem much better.

You’re making a Role Playing Game Game.

Making an RPG takes technical knowhow (even with RPG2K3; unless you’re aiming for a crappy game), and literally hundreds of hours of scripting and tedious work with maps, dialogue, triggers, characters, stats, and debugging. This is for like, maybe a dozen hours of gameplay, if you’re lucky.

I’ll give you a month before you give up.

And by works, I meant both functional, and entertaining. You hear “In the movie, wizard of Oz, a girl has to find her way home from a magic land.” You’d probably think it sucks unless you see it. The Wizard of Oz was made in the 1920’s, and it’s still one of the best movies there is.

Are you more ignorant than this guy :booster: ? As I just said, I’ve been making a lot of game beginings. I’v been learning this stuff for years. Jeez.


…making the start of things is by FAR the easiest part of ANYTHING. No matter how hard it seems, once you get passed it, the drive starts to ebb. It can ebb back yes. But it is WAY harder than the start.