I'm making an RPG game

I’m making an RPG game and I was wondering If NE1 would like to put some suggestions. Actually I’m making 2. One of them is gonna take, like, 5 years to make. The other, maybe 2 years to make.

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Are you using RPG Maker or what?


My thoughts exactly.

For your story, I suggest somthing that has worked for me in the past. Take the norm of a fantasy story and ask a question.

~What really happens when you die?
~What if god wants to hurt humanity rather than save it?
~What if free will were a mistake? What if someone were trying to correct that mistake…

With questions like that you can begin to develop a story beyond the tried and worn “Boy/Girl gets thrown into scenario that they dont want, becomes hero, saves day” cliche and may form an epic that is far deeper than you may have expected.

Well, it would help if you told us a bit about this Role Playing Game Game you are making. Plot? Software? Version of the software? General idea? ANYTHING?

At least you have a realistic timeframe in mind.

But I’m curious as well; are you doing these in RPG Maker? What are the games about?

No, I’m not using the RPG maker. I’ve invented a new form of wether or not you hit or miss where you aim your hit while charging toward the enemy. I don’t want to make an evil god in the main plot but you did give me an idea.
Sidequest: Defeat Moloch.

One is a real time tactics RPG. Staring 3 fugitives. My dreams told me to make this game. I had a dream. Part of a non-existing VG. Like I was meant to make the rest.
You start out with 3 characters, and later get more. Recruits.

One is a clasic game-play RPG. Starts in normal world. Satanspawn suddenly start killing everyone, and you are sent into the future, when demons rule the world. Start out with one character, later get more.

I’m using the Game maker 4.3 by Mark Overmans. Both are in the same timeline. Only one human kingdom remains, but there’s a bunch of human cities. The planet is owned by demons.

Award winning.

I’m reminded of one of the GB ‘FFs’’ plot from the first description.

alot of that made no sense

Chrono Trigger/Samurai Jack ripoff :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… Din’t even notice that. Best (practically only) american samurai and best thing made by Akira Toryama. Except the rest of the story is way different, although now that you mention it one of the sidequests is kinda like that episode where the sirens made people forget who they were. Must try to hide it.

You spelled Ultros wrong. How do you spell something wrong when they spell it for you in the game?

Anyway, good luck, I think you’re really gonna need it.

Well that was rude. Just because of one typo. Good luck is nice unless you puy “You’re really gonna need it.” :ah-ha!: <- Middle finger

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Problem is, typos are one of the most anti-climatic elements a game can have. If you are going to make a game, then at least make sure you can spell the name of a memorable character that pops with the same regularity as Team Rocket does in Pokémon and even rhymes with an actual word.

If it’s any consolation, you were actually pretty close to the Japanese spelling of Ultros, which I think is “Othoros”.

I will be more careful when creating the game. I also plan on making the story lines slightly convulge (or converg. I just think convulge sounds c2ler.)

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Uhm, I did a Google search for that word because I’ve never heard it and this came up.