I'm just wondering.

What does everyone think about me?
I don’t care what you say, I will not retaliate or start flame wars or anything. Say whatever the hell you want about me, just keep it within the rules.
The reason I’m doing this is because I want to know what I should do so that I’m not as disliked as I currently am, because uh… I dunno… I just do.
(Yeah, I’m trying to be less of an asshole.)

just act less like Sorc and more like Cless and you’ll do fine.

(I’m not trying to be mean to you Sorc. Or you Cless :P)

Grah, I wanna know what my major faults are

Edit: Tell me flat out what it is, in other words

You’re a nice guy, you’re a helluva guy!

Well Steve, from what I’ve read in the past I’m thankful that I’m not on your bad side:o . I probably don’t know you as well as some people around here, but you were really nice to me, about 4 months ago…I think you are the first RPGC member I ever really spoke with, and I most certainly do not think you are an asshole, so I can’t really add to your faults since you’re looking for them and all…sorry…is this a good or a bad thing?:wink:

you’re usually really cool Steve, once in a while you just get tempermental, so just try to moderate that aspect of yourself more and you’ll be a-ok.

Could this spark a chain of ‘What do you think about me’ threads?


You’re like all mortals: Mortal, and thus a good and steady source of bloodwine and skulls to drink it from.
I suppose you’re okay: Not half as evil as would do you good, but not half as good as would do you bad. Did that give you a headache, if it didn’t read it again untill it does. I don’t spend my time writing toungetwisters if they don’t work. Not much to say really. You’ll want to allow yourself to be abused more, and have less violent reactions if someone does: It’s an honour to be abused by us immortals. That is be allowed to spit shine the floor, be torched, be killed and have your still beating heart sacrifised to yours truely. You get the point.
Just use common sense, and learn like those silly animals in Catz/Dogz/Insert Generic Pet Program Here: If they don’t react it’s okay, if they reward you; do it more, if they kill/slap/shoot/kick/feed you to their pet crocodile it’s a bad thing and you should stop doing it. At least if you don’t like agonising pain.

Yeh… there’s a bit of a discussion of what I’ve done wrong to label me a ‘dumbass’
The <strike>12</strike> 13 shotgun shells thing didn’t help much.
The name-writing-on-the-walls thing didn’t help much either.
Another thing I’ve realized, with the help of Naru :P, is that I act like a stupidass.
Frankly, I’m not. I just never really show that I can be intelligent. I really am smart… really.

Originally posted by Exo
Could this spark a chain of ‘What do you think about me’ threads?

Jesus tapdancing Christ let’s hope not.

I don’t doubt that you’re smart…surpisingly enough, one can be smart and a dumbass at the same time. :slight_smile:

Steve, watch out for these threads. I tried one at another board, the response was… nasty.

Anyway, you do tend to flame nastily at people you don’t like. That’s basically it.

You’re OK, it’s just when you lose your temper, you LOSE it.

Originally posted by Bakufan19
you do tend to flame nastily at people you don’t like. That’s basically it.

Yeah… about that.
This is my formal apology towards Chris-Chris and Manus Dei.
Chris-Chris: I was wrong for calling you a bitch. All you were doing was sticking up to your promise to help Manus, even though you weren’t doing exemplary with that.
Manus: Even though I do not like you, I still was too harsh with the way I flamed you those two times. I will attempt to be more civil towards everyone, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sugarcoat things either.
Everyone: Sorry for being an asshole.

Originally posted by Bakufan19
Steve, watch out for these threads. I tried one at another board, the response was… nasty.

I don’t mind how nasty it gets. I’ll probably agree with most of them.

You’re a meanie poo to me when i lay with you in the chatroom ;;
But I still love ya! ^

I have no problem with your behaviour around me most of the time. As I am yet to see your legendary mean side, I can not comment on those aspects of your behaviour.

You are still welcomed here :stuck_out_tongue:

At times you can be really inconsiderate of others in what you say. Hell, I know I can be but just pointing it out. I also commend you for trying to improve and re-evaluate yourself. I think that a lot of people here could really improve from that.

Personaly I think you shouldn’t even care what this thread says, which is kinda stupid cause I am saying it :stuck_out_tongue: but if you did then you wouldn’t anyways so it doesn’t really matter if I say it or not, just be yourself and nutbunnies to everyone else. I mean, I am sure alot of people dislike me, or think I am an idiot attention hog, but I honestly don’t care… and in my oppinion, neither should you.

If people don’t like you, don’t change for them. You can’t make everyone happy.

Uhh… in other words just be yourself or some crappy thing… ya.


You’re an all-a-round nice guy (remember who got me FFO?), and like many have said before you just need to be a little less temperamental (don’t flame ppl just because you didn’t like their posts, or because you though there posts were stupid, or because they don’t like metallica :P)

You’re an okay guy, but like me, your judgement can go a little haywire.

You have Metallica - St. Anger as your favourite album. I think that’s a big problem. :stuck_out_tongue: