I'm just downright full of contests ^_^

It’s me again! I’ve got another Orakian Hideout contest for all you art buffs out there (or those who can just draw really good).

You people seemed to have loved the last contest, so I’m gonna try this one. I want you to send in a hand drawn picture of one of the 5 Orakians; Orakia, Rulakir, Rulakia, Crys, or myself. You can draw all five of them in one if you want, or one at a time.

So what is the prize? Each serious entrant gets a cameo appearance on Get Wise (if you entered in the last contest, then you get another cameo). What I mean by serious is anything that looks like effort was put into it, meaning no paint stick figures or something that looks like it was done in 5 minutes over paint.

I will ask the winner of the contest to draw a new cover logo to the hideout as the first place prize, and perhaps a special prize as far as Get Wise goes.

Anyways, good luck everybody. For each serious entrant I will put your drawing in the upcoming “Hideout Art” section. I’ll give you all perhaps 2-3 weeks to get your entry in ^_^.

Good luck again.

For god’s sakes, Orakio, enough with the "^_^"s. It’s just not you.


Now, to determine actual planning toward a scanner…

X: no ^^ (besides, my gf loves them ^^)

Would your girlfriend still love you if half your skeleton were on the outside of your body? wields a rocket launcher menacingly

possibly… ^^ but she might get mad at you… which I don’t think you want to get her mad ^^

x, he’s not gonna stop, no matter what you do…


anyways, entrants, send in your stuff… :slight_smile: (hopefully we’ll get a few people going)

I dont have a scanner, can I just draw in photoshop?

I might enter. points out the word might

Maybe, if she’s the She-Hulk, in which case I wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

…might not even like her when she’s not angry…

Anyway, I’d just rocket launcher her too. It worked on Brutes in Red Alert 2, it’ll work on She-Hulk Zelda.

i’d enter…if i had any artistic talent at all…

Charl: if you can do a good job in photoshop, be my guest.

I’m lousy at art, but my main man Divine Soul is very good. I’ll tell him about this, unless you already did Orak.

nope… I haven’t told him anything yet…

If I did bother to make a 3 day long pic, it would have to be a freakin good part. I dont want no me popping in and saying " I LEIK CHH333Z!!!11" I wanna be like somone important. Like the president of earth!

trust me, you’ll be in more lines than that… though that is a good opening line :slight_smile: