I'm joining the Australian Military!

I’m like totally trying to join the Australian Military. I’m heading into the city in 12 hours for the testing and shit (called a JOES day. Job Options Evaluation Session). Basic testing, you know, check my smarts and me health and shit, ya know?

Some of you may remember that a few years ago I attempted to join, but was knocked back with the reason of “Listen. I just don’t think we can trust you with a gun.” Let’s hope I’m more sane now, right?

Anyways, my job preferences:<ol><li><a href=“http://defencejobs.gov.au/default.asp?p=48&j=379&OverrideSubSectionID=14”>Navy, Writer</a></li><li><a href=“http://defencejobs.gov.au/default.asp?p=48&j=278&OverrideSubSectionID=14”>Army, Finance Clerk</a></li><li><a href=“http://defencejobs.gov.au/default.asp?p=48&j=346&OverrideSubSectionID=13”>Navy, Stores Naval<a></li></ol>

The main aim being for a accounting and shit type person, and if that fails, going for basic Stores work and shit.

Anyways… Wish me luck, niggers.

Hmm… the military? Well, I suppose if thats what you want, good luck.

Don’t be a puss, join the Infantry!

Naturally, i’m all about joining the military. I wish you luck and that you get what it is you’re looking for out of it.

Don’t get shot behind that desk/counter, man. Seriously, though, good luck with the ‘getting a job’ thing. I may have to look into that myself soon.

Wish you the best, and of course, admire you for being brave enough to want to serve your country.

Don’t get shot or nothin’ now. Ya hear?



no dont

I told you not to join the navy you flamer >:(

Never again volunteer yourself.

I’m not a nigger, but I’ll wish you luck. >>;


Well, JOES day complete and I aced the test. Now I just need a letter from my GP that my bowels are going remain inside of me and I’m fit for duty, Then I can move onto the second stage. I’ll have a full medical exam, including hearing, sight and testing for STDs. Then I have to have a one-on-one with the head doctor to say that I’m not crazy. Finally, an interview with a defence recruiter, much like a job interview.

Due to my poor engrish score in high school, I’m apparently going to have to sell myself quite well and be quite knowledgeable about what’s in store for me.

You flaming assclown, I hope you fail. Military bad >:(\

Except for V, he’s awesome

Military Good! >:(

They will treat me well! >:(
<ul><li>Paid to be trained for your job</li><li>Starting pay of $44K pa once training is completed.</li><li>Job Security</li><li>Full Dental and Medical coverage</li><li>Various other bonuses, such as 2% fixed rate homeloans.</li></ul>

The Finnish military did me good too.

I probably still need therapy. Buuuut anyways, since you’re going to some office-related thing, it shouldn’t be that bad. Good luck. Hajoa aamuihis.


On the chance of you dying because of the fact that I didn’t wish you luck, Good luck.

Exactly, they’ll turn you into a decent and able and working human being with medical and dental coverage and a cheap homeloan. We can’t have that. You wouldn’t fit in anymore.

Watch out for the Outback Cong.

good luck. it just seems to me that if you were going to join the military, it wouldn’t be to plop down behind a desk. that’s what your average clerk is for. and why should they have to trust you with a gun if you’re a clerkO_O?