I'm gone...

gropes Wert
Byes :frowning:

Aw, man… You’re leaving?

Well… I haven’t seen you in very long, but still. This makes it official. Sånt gör oss lessen i ögat. ;_;
Anyawy, I can at least tell you that after some nagging from a friend of mine at schooo, I have finally tried linux. :slight_smile:
But since i’ve also gotten Win XP Pro (which doesn’t have the problems I hated with windows) I’m just won’t take the time to learn a new OS…
Oh well… I tried at least, and I realize why people like it, so it’s a small Linux victory… :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww. So you finally are leaving then. =\ Ah well, hope to see you around. Next time I scream WEEEEEEERT! CSS HELP PLZZSZZZ! on… jabber now? You better listen. >;o

i remember u, take care wert, hope all goes well for ya. :slight_smile:

I never saw any problems with what you were doing, but bye and good luck. :wave:

Bye bye, have fun and cookies! :slight_smile:

Curtis: Yes, quite sure. I got the diagnose when I was like, twelve, so…

Wilfredo: Well, we shall see. I might show up from time to time. :wink:

Weii: Oh come ON, everyone knows Infonicks taste bad… And you take care girl, ya hear? :wink:

Steve: Gives Steve a huge fist where it hurts and sees him fly, Love Hina style And that’s what you get for not keeping your hands to yourself! =P

Poke: Hey, I’ll still be alive, neh? :wink: And that reminds me… You up for another Slayers Marathon this summer? :smiley: You still have to let me show you Proxxi, so…

DT: Sure thing, just send me a message. And I fixed a few things that’d help your shrining quite a bit, email me about it for more info. :wink:

Well, with those out of the way, time to say goodbye for real! This is most probably the last message you’ll hear from me for quite a while, so… Take care, have fun, don’t wreck the place and watch out for them imps! :wink:

  • Wert

[edit]Oh yeah, and if anyone needs me, I’m at wertigon@jabbernet.dk (Jabber, the open IM protocol) or wertigon@gmail.com (email). Later![/edit]

So sad to see someone leave who’s favorite book is also Ender’s Game. I hope you fare well.