I'm gone. For about three weeks.

I rarely post on the forums, but you see, I am gone for three weeks.

One might wonder why? Well, y’see, tomorrow I’m sort of going to be on a bus. This bus leads to an airport. This airport has a plane on it. This plane takes me to Frankfurt. Frankfurt has an airport that has a plane that takes me to Russia. And eventually, China.

So, I bid you all (after today), GOOD DAY.

A short bus?

Surely the airport has a plane NEXT TO IT? I think if there was a plane on top of an airport people would get nervous. Not to mention the fact that taking off or landing would be kinda difficult.

Seeya Nero, try to level up today, so you’ll be ready to face all the communists on your voyage.

In SimCity you place “airport” tiles which morph into the center or the runways or control towers or anything else associated with air travel, so it’s conceivable that “airport” could mean the whole shabang, and not just the terminals.

TTFN, dude. :wave:

Oooh, spiffy. Have fun!

I suppose one could make such a case…

:hahaha; That was the first time i have “loled” in a long time.

“Everyone’s telling me to get on the plane “Get on the plane, get on the plane”…I say fuck you, I want to get IN the plane! Let Evil Keenivl get ON the plane!”

Don’t scare the Dragon Tears!

In soviet russian PLANE RIDES YOU!

anyway, I’m guessing Cuba is next on the list? right? you’re going on some kind of communist tourism trip?

Nah, probably North Korea. It’s closer.

oh yeah, I forgot about korea.

I feel stalked.

Why? Do you live in Korea and move around between communist countries as you see fit to escape stalker RPGCers? :stuck_out_tongue:

points to a map Look! The airport has a little plane ON it! :smiley:

Oh how the funny is rolling on in this thread.