I'm going to E3 this year

Yep, the title says it all. Being a student in the industry pays off, no? Well I’ve come to as if anyone else will be showing up as well. I don’t know if any of you are able to attend but it’d be really swell to get to meet some of you in person if you are.

Anywho, I guess I’ll be taking requests on pictures and things that you’d like me to keep an eye out for now as well… discuss!

I hope you fucking die you fucking elitist motherfucker.

Anyhow, try to hear whatever you can about the next generation consoles (If there is anything yet), the new Zelda, try to see if there’s something regarding Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus and look for anything with Megaman printed on it.

Oh, and if by chance you see John Romero, shove something cylindrical and preferably rusted up his anus. I’m still angry about Daikatana.

Lucky S.O.B…I got an invite for E3, but I can’t go. >.>

Have fun! :smiley:

Take a laptop and keep us normal people updated :stuck_out_tongue:

Take pictures

I can get a free ticket, but I would have to pay my own transporatation and accomodations. A little too expensive for me.

sure you could

Actually, I’m in the same boat. Open invitation (for those who don’t know, if you work at a retail store that sells games, they have to clear you admission; not free, but they have to let you in), but no cash money to get a hotel/plane tickets. Besides, then I’d risk missing out on the delightful Merry May 17th celebrations.

I’d be curious about possible alternate delivery systems for the low-budget titles next generation.

I hate you, you lucky bastard.

Meh, like there’s anything worth seeing there nowadays anyway. >>

Youre right, the prospect of seeing the president of all the respective companies that made (and have made) the games we love and cherish. Not to mention getting to play all those awesome games before they launch isn’t that exciting. I might as well not even go.

Well meeting the people is a good enough reason to go, but it’s not like there’s too much even remotely interesting projected. Maybe the new Zelda game, and… yeah.

Well, there’s always big announcements saved just for E3. I mean, by the end of E3, you may have wished you went.

I sure wish I could go…

Whats even more exciting about E3 (and one of the main reasons to go) is because there are a very large portion of games that are not “announced” to be showcased there. Many of them are infact, viewed for the very first time at E3. So claiming that there is nothing remotely interesting to see there is an ill-informed opinion.

I’m going to E3 this year

And looking at current trends, I’d say the presumption that there’s nothing to see there is extremely well educated.

Not even the phantom is projected to appear there. Thats saying something.

Hades: You arent welcome here, hater! Go run children over with a car or somthing >_<

Iz, you don’t need to jump down peoples’ throats every time someone says “There isn’t much to see at E3”. We do have opinions. :stuck_out_tongue: That aside, congratulations and have fun out there. :smiley: