I'm getting overrun by virii! O_O;

I just ran a virus scan, and it found TEN different virii. Most of them had names that begame with the letters “TROJ”. I’ve gotten one or two of these before, and have been told that some of these particular ones are usualy spy/adware virii. I’m not really sure. I use PC-cillin’s virus scan, and it can usualy quarantine most of them. This is probobly nothing to worry about, since most of the infected files are Temps, but I’m paranoid when it comes to this.

I use an anti-spyware program called Spy Sweeper, and it SEEMS to work okay.

Should I be worried about this? And are there any measures I can take to help ward off virii and spyware?

And is “virii” the proper plural of virus?

You should worry, the only way to stop them is to rethink your internet activities (files you get from other people for trojans, p2p programs & porn for spyware), and yes, virii is the correct plural.

Unfortunately, viruses is the correct plural.

Spy Sweeper sucks, it likes to make up bullshit hits. At least, it did for me. I really suggest sticking with AdAware and Spybot.

A trojan is extra bad because i opens your computer up for other viruses and attacks to come in.

And if you really want to stop getting viruses all the time, its either buy a firewall, or, like ren said, seriously rethink using P2P and other unsafe activities. 10 viruses is a fucking lot.

<font size="-5">(or just ditch windows all together >>;;)</font>

I have every virus ever created on my computer, as well as some just discovered, on my computer. Luckily though, they’re all in equilibrium so no one of them ever takes over.

3 Stooges Syndrome.

How the hell did you get 10 ?

Porn and warez, probably.

Virus is a latin word (it means poison, it anyone is curious 'bout it). And in Latin, words ending with ‘us’ make their plural by taking the ‘us’ and addind ‘ii’.

To find virii, McAfee also does wonders, that and something called NOD32. You can find NOD32 at www.eset.com and look up NOD32, and then the trial version. It’ll last only 30 days when it can no longer update, but the beauty part it that you can remove the program and download it again and again. However, McAfee is better when using email. I say download both.

To adress a few things said…first off, I tried Spybot, and it didn’t really seem to work for me, for some reason…it won’t open properly.
Second, I barely have any warez, I use Kazaa Lite,(But not even often) and I don’t go through as much porn as some of my friends may say. (And when I do, I stick to a few small, but reliable sources.)

I DO have a personal firewall, but until recently it had been disabled. I have to disable it when I play games online, and one day I forgot to re-enable it. Bad move on my part, I know. ><

I’m going to give that NOD32 thing a try. I’m always extra-careful with my emails, I never open anything that’s not from someone I know, (And even then, I’m wary of attachments.) so I don’t think e-mail virii are what’s getting me.

Also, If Spysweeper is indeed “crap”, what else should I try?

Thanks for trying to help, guys.

So he just threw a latin word at the end of an English sentence? It might be the plural of virus in Latin, but the rest of his sentence was in English. Therefore it’s natural to assume the last word is English too, and the plural in English is viruses. Virii is not an English word, viruses is.

I don’t know what’s wrong with some of you people, I download stuff up the wazoo, don’t have a firewall, and I still manage to never get any viruses except on some rare occasions. And they aren’t there for long.

They generally use Kazaa, Epic.

Just stick to AdAware, CG. It still catches a good amount of stuff. But you have had incredibly much computer problems from what I can tell (other threads as well). Why don’t you back up your documents and everything, then format? At least that way it is guaranteed to be clean, and I’m willing to bet Epic’s money that most of your issues will be resolved.

GG, not CG. =P

I tried Adaware once…it told me how much spyware I had, but it said it wouldn’t clean it unless I bought and registered it. Unless I did something wrong…which is likely. I can be an idiot in regards to this technical stuff.

I ran another PC-cillin virus scan, and it only found one this time. But I’m still being extra-wary about this stuff. If something like this happens again, I might just backup/reformat later.

Once again, thanks for all the help, guys.

(BTW, I checked a dictionary and it IS “viruses”.)

Yeah, you are. You probably installed Pro or something, instead of the <a href=“http://download.com.com/3000-8022-10214379.html?tag=lst-0-1”>free version</a>. It removes it too.

That worked nicely. Thanks again, TD. I take back all the nasty things I said about you behind your back.

Yeah, and they cost more. Go with generic free brand.

No. Nonononononononono. Please, NO. That is the WORST amateur latin you can actually create. “Woo! ‘status’ ends with ‘us’, so the plural must be ‘statii’!”
If “virii” was right, then the noun would be something like “virius”. Also, most latin masculine nouns end with “us”, but virus is neutrum, and a strong too, so I’m not very sure about the plural… probably virus, too. Where’s perc when you need him? Anyway. Please. Learn latin, then come back. :stuck_out_tongue: