I'm free! I'm free!

Apparently yes… Shouldn’t the moderators just create a stickied thread for such announcements? That would save a lot of space.

Or better yet, people will just notice when other people post ten times more often from 9-3 each day!

Well, as soon as the holidays start, I’ll bet that some people will drop in more often.

I still got the national exams left: Stupid things.

Why must everyone brag about it? mumble: It’s not fair

Damn exams… Damn schedules… I need a vacation…

You said it. They stink.

Today was also my last day of school.

I still got a month left.

My summer holiday begins in July. Wait about one month, then I’ll have a lot of time to play games.

I only got a week and half before my summer class starts. I’m taking Human Biology for non majors to get my stupid science credit over with. Science is my least favorite subject. Oh well, at least its only two hours, four days a week for one month.

Two months till I’m out for summer.

3 weeks.

Wait a minute…
I finished my year of school last week & I didn’t make a thread!
That’s not fair!!! Oh well! How about we both REJOICE!!!

June 13, I am in h-school no more.
(If the schedule sticks -_- : and that most likely indicates it going longer, not shorter…)

Two weeks, but next week we have Thursday and Friday off, and the last week usualy consists of trying to avoid the people with buckets of water, watching movies and having cake/ice cream.