I'm finally off the damn ship

Well, after four years on the Hall, I’m finally done.

Right now I’m in school in Pensacola for a couple of months learning about various air traffic control systems, then I’m off to California for two years for my shore tour, then college finally (12 years late but better late than never, shouldn’t complain anyway since I’ll be in a position to go which is a lot better than most people).

Anyway I’m actually kind of bored now that I don’t work 12+ hours a day, been playing the 360 a lot.

Congratulations on all the positives, especially the California part. I can personally express the feeling that it one of the more awesome parts of the world. Try not to get too bored, though, “Idle hand’s are the devil’s play things,” and other such Puritan shananagan turns of phrases of such.

Have you been in the Navy for 12 years or were you doing something else before your 4 years on the Hall? Even if you’ve only been in the Navy since you started on the boat, thats 6 years in the service, once you complete your time on shore. Did you actually sign up for a commitment that long?

I joined when I was 22 with a six year enlistment - I re-enlisted for two more years so that’s a total of 8.

I did some other stuff before I joined but nothing ever seemed to work out.

Hey man, good to see you around again. How’d you enjoy it overall?

Welcome back, Rast!

When I first saw your topic I thought someone was asking for RPG help: “Okay, I just got off the ship, now where do I go?” :stuck_out_tongue:

My second thought was: “Dude, we’re on a boat.”

Eh… I did what I had to do… not an experience I’d care to repeat though.

Next milestone: July 25, 2009.

My life needs a fast forward button I think sometimes…

See much combat, Rast?

But didn’t the Navy “accelerate your life?”:mwahaha:

Not unless you count chasing cocaine smugglers.

Uh… yeah. There’s an excellent article here regarding a common term that can be used to describe that statement.

At least the end is in sight - next couple of years should be a lot easier, unless I take the one-year detour through Iraq, though I do have a somewhat important job that should hopefully lessen the chances of that happening somewhat.

Welcome back, Rast, and congratulations on everything. :smiley: Do you miss the Navy after all that time?

Hey Rast, good to hear that it’s “almost” over (give or take a couple years). What are you going to be doing for this last stretch?

Hey Rast, good to see you around again.

I’ll be a communications technician at an air station on an island about 60 miles off the coast of California. I’ll take a flight back and forth to work once a week (the shifts are a week long, work one week, off the next).

You know we don’t.

I was expecting tales of mystery, intrigue and Peloponnesian women. You disappoint me. :frowning:

You mean Polynesian, right? The Peloponnesus is in Greece :stuck_out_tongue:

Most U.S. ships go to Crete.

Yeah, but when people think of sailors getting it on with exotic women, its usually Pacific island women like the Polynesians. I’m pretty sure he’s getting it confused with the Peloponnesian War - something most liberal arts students encounter at least once. Not like anyone cares :stuck_out_tongue: