I'm Finally Getting Adopted

Yesterday, my foster mother (Sue) and I went to the library to look at the New York State Court of appeals page that Mrs. Janet(Caseworker)had told us to go to,to see what the ruling over in Rochester had been(The site did not work on our computer).
She found the case file on matter of Benjamin F.(ME!)BTW Fox is my last name)and she could not really understand what it meant because it had said that the case has been appelled (not appealled)with no costs.She was confused by what this meant and so was I, because we were not lawers or anything along those lines.I knew I was going to get adopted but my mom was not so sure.(she had cried all the way home).First we called Mr. Robert Sandgrin(a counselor lawer dude or whatever his position is)because my mom figured he would know what it meant.It took im a few minutes but after he had found the file he delivered the news.He said I was finally adopted!

The reason I was taken away from my biological mother is something im not going to telll anyone out thare though until I want to…


ummmm…if you are excited about that than HURRAY!!awesome.I wish you happiness with your foster parents.

Thank you

I hope things get better for you, with this happening :smiley: Coolies and congratulations.


Congrats bub.

Congratulations ^^

good for you… and mitsuko… would you mind taking that pic of your sig??

Congrats n’stuff.


Whew! Misread the title and thought you were being aborted 0.o

Omedeto Gozaimasu.

hahah secondeded.

HIP HIP HOORAAYY!!! HIP HIP HOORAAYYYY!!! :toast: I’m so happy for you!!!

Congrads and best of luck to you. ^^

Good luck with your <s>abortion</s> adoption. :stuck_out_tongue:

How old are you, Simm?

In any case: Hope this provides happiness to you and your loved ones. :wave:

13 why? you can be in a foster home from the age 1-17