I'm feeling down...

… but you guys make me smile. :slight_smile: Just so you know.


This has been a Weiila message for the Agora community.

(and no, it’s nothing bad. Just a bout of winter depression)


Good, good, but we’ll drive you to suicide yet! MwoHoHo!
Really, it’s good to know we’re able of something other than verbal and mental abuse and generally being disturbing. Cheers.

And if that’s not enough, then click here.

It’s always good to smile:D I noticed the other day that if you’re really down, and you smile, it does great things. It might not bring you completely around to true happiness or anything, but at least people leave you alone and stop asking stupid questions! :slight_smile:

girl thread

depressed thread



hey is kaiserbasara unbanned yet?

Should he be? I don’t keep track.

On the downside, Big Nutter’s ban expires in 16 Days, 4 hours from this very moment.

Oops was BigNutter the one who was stalking weilla? I can’t keep track of all these perverted psychos around here damnit.

:kissy: Nulaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! :kissy:

Kinda expects beheading

But yeah. This place makes me cry tears of amusement.

Do you have SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)


Lucky you, it’s only winter depression. I’ve got to deal with it year round.

HUSH, I already have the pain of waking up thanks to the sun on days I have off work at around 08:00-09:00 >:(

That darn bright globe… middlefinger

Alright, everybody, GROUP HUG! glomps Weiila

BN 2: Electric fucking creep

I try and I try

Why won’t people see me for what I really am?

You know you’ll always have people here to cheer you up when you need it, Weii.
You know you did it for many of us when we needed it.

Be well! :kissy:

like hades, only hes a tremendous faggot lol

Takes one to know one jerk.

Please don’t be sad Weiila. Spring is on the way. For you and other RPGC ladies, in commemoration of International Women’s Day