I'm disturbed

By what my gf found. This is exactly what I look like. In fact, I’m fucking traumatized.

But seriously, it does kinda look like you… but it’s hard to tell from just your pictures Sin.

Who is that guy anyways?


I remember that show. Ah the memories.

I think its from Power Rangers. I remember from the cute girl. :slight_smile:

It’s Tommy~ The Green Ranger!

Or White Ranger.

We’re all going to die! He’ll go back to Rita Repulsa and betray us all and then come back with his dragonzord, play a weird tune on his dagger-flute and THEN IT SHOOTS FINGERTIP MISSILES!!! YAAAARRRRGGGG…Hhhh…

So does mean Sin is full of Candy?

>_> how many “SIN = [some famous person]” threads have we had? Seriously, sin, you’ve transended the level of Moderator, and have entered the realm of “Sex Idol”

We like, need a whole new forum just for our Hero Worship. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That or a “Sinistral fan club”. Hmm, i’ve been needed a title change anyway…>_>

Stop looking like people dammit!

It’s just the long hair. :stuck_out_tongue:

People who look good in long hair tend to have a certain face type, so it’s really no wonder sin ‘looks’ like so many people who also happen to have long hair.

And he is hardly a sex idol, since he isn’t really sexy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha Eden. That first image of yours made me laugh. There are all these weird kids that run around school with their ghost-white arms in cut-offs.

And Sin: Cool, dude. Lets play SC :smiley:

See? Sin IS the green ranger.

Damn you Sin! You, and your green ranger looks!

Sin is the sole reason that I’m not Heading to Callaifonia. *Trys to Hides groin * Boing

Big Nutter
What the Link to the David Bowie errection Sound effect isn’t working…

Dude. PEople have been saying you’ve looked like the White/Green ranger for a long time.

The woman with him is Kimberly, the first Pink Ranger.

Oh, I was about to ask if he was the one on the left or the right. Thanks for messing up my opportunity for a lame joke, everyone.


Moderator trading cards, collect all 32,000

Don’t get to happy about this though, sooner or later Puddies will come to your house, and won’t leave untill you kung fu fight them.

Sings Go go Power rangers!!

Last time he was on tv, I had not noticed his thick, sexy man arms…mmmmm ooh la la. Let’s make threads like these more often.