I'm curious...

tada, the real size of my moogle i drew for my avatar. I smudged the fur/skin since i used a colored pencil lightly as to not cover up the face too much so looks a little uneven in places. Kinda weird i didnt have many reference pics for this, but it is a simple creature i guess ;p. I’d love opinions, if any occur, though i dont expect much since i don’t read around the mb often, sowwy. :moogle:

Ummm yeah. How about instead of multicolored wings, a happy smiling face, and that “darling” little antennea; you have him eating smaller slower moogles to show his dominance over the pack? That’s what Mog did.

He’s cute chuckles

What’s with the colors though? :slight_smile:

yeah, the wings, and the smile coupled with the sword doesnt make him look very intimidating :wink:

But very nice!

Moogles have genders? bah anyhows. Maybe its a female ;;
The colors are what I wanted them to be ;p. She wasn’t supposed to look intimidating, well maybe a little but mostly just supposed to look cute. Moogles don’t eat other moogles ;
;, if they do they’re bad moogles. Wee someone says its nice and cute ^ _ ^ gushes with love

I haven’t played ff6 yet, doh only ff i’ve really played is ff4 easy type/ff2english and im on the moon, alice. Though it was a long time ago i played ff6 or something on snes, it had this girl? in magitek armour and i fought this big, bad slug or snail in the beginning. I might have played an ff on playstation as well but i don’t remember much about playing it.