I'm bored

Entertain me, peons!

Ask me questions and I shall give you an answer. Why? Because I SAY so- didn’t you read my title?

(I know- thread- done fifty million times- but there are barely any good threads on, and I’m bored out of my skullfuck :-p)

What color is a Canadian 5 dollar bill?

Dub or Subtitled?

Who was the first person to walk up to a cow and think “I’ll suqeeze on these tubes and drink what comes out.”?

You know what? That’s a damned good question. When you think about it, and not to hard mind you, it seems like we drink cow urine. I mean seriously, where did this idea come from? I bet it was some kid who was trying to have fun with the cow and then suddenly something came out. But why people drank it I don’t know - I’d be freaked out.

I guess they figured it was white so it had to either be one of two things - semen or milk. Milk, they were familiar with because it comes out of womens nipples for their babies. And milk doesn’t really look like semen. So yeah.

Hades: Blue- but it has some yellow in it.

kiro: That really depends on the film/anime. If it’s action oriented (such as Cowboy Bebop) I prefer dubbed. But if it’s more story oriented (such as the French film Amélie) then I’d rather have subtitles.

Pierson: I have absolutely no idea… but I think YOU know. Cough it up.

Who put the straw in strawberry?

how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop, and don’t ask that asshole owl

It takes 364 licks to get to the chocalaty center of a tootsie pop.
I got bored one day.

How come nobody ever notices that sailor moon looks exactly like bunny/serena?

And who would win Inyuyasha or Ryoko? :moogle:

How many boards could the Mongols horde if the Mongol hordes got bored?

What is my favorite color?

Is Salsa classified as a fruit? I heard once that it almost was.

no, its classified as a vegetable.

Ketchup used to be a vegetable as well
Cottage cheese was considered a meat
and corn chips were a bread
This was all durring the Regan Administration to save money on school lunches

Do you Think Sephiroth is overrated?

Do you believe in a thing called love?

You think my question makes sense ?

Is DR. Pepper alcoholic, but not enough to be legally classified as such?

Why are you such an Angsty Generic Emo Fag?

Took me near 700…It changes each time you try practically.

What is the crappiest book written that you’ve read?

Mystique: I’ll answer that with a question: who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop? Exactly.

Bluemageone: Ten- but I have a reaaally big tongue.

cait sith: 1. Uh- I have no clue.
2. I have no idea who they are. :-p

GG Crono: The Mongol hoards hoard the boards only when I give the command- and then, I shall take over all of them.

Omegaflare X: Hmm- I don’t know… possibly Bruise Purple (which should be a Crayola crayon)?

Valkyrie Esker: Well, that’s a tough question. Tomatoes are fruits- but peppers and onions are definately vegetables. I’d categorize it as a hybrid of several different things.

Big_Dizzy: I think he’s very cool, but I do think that there has been waaay too much emphasis on him. I blame it on the Bush Administration, as it’s the most convenient thing to do.

Shinobi: Yeah; just listen to the rhythym of my heart.

Richter_Belmont: Yes.

IonMage: Dr. Pepper does not contain alcohol, you silly little boy.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood: Call me Emo again and I’ll punch your teeth out. \m/

Kairi: I’d have to say “Naked Lunch” is by far the most disturbing piece of literature out there- period.

EDIT: Oops- I thought you said CREEPY- not CRAPPY. My bad. Uh… I really don’t know. Oh- wait… I’d say… uh… any of the LATEST Xanth novels. Man- Mr. Anthony sure knows how to run something into the fucking ground.