... I'm bored...

What do ya’ll think of me? I only posted this because I’m bored.

Yeah right…

Alright, when’s y’all gonna stop these threads?

Who are you?


–Lord Zhou Yu–

I, myself, will stop when I get a few awnsers.


… Can’t you tell? I mean, it says my name to the left…

No serious ly, you’re cool

You really should be on the boards long before you should even think about making these.

… Your right. People only know me (sorta) on the RP boards…

Mr. Mod, can you please delete this topic?

Who are you is a very good question

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Who are you?

Originally posted by Sinistral
<a href=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/questionpoopon.wav”>Who are you is a very good question</a>

I’m sorry, but I find you disturbingly nosy, and your sense of humor is exceedingly low-brow. Your oft repeated attempts at verbal sparring are laudable, but in the end fruitless. And while I generally try to avoid judgement on a person’s behavior, political ideology, and mental capabilities, your characteristics in those categories leave me with such a vile taste in my mouth that I need several sticks of extra sugar gum to regain coherent thinking. When I consider your future possibilities, all I can see is a dark void, drawing everything but the negatives into oblivion. May God have mercy on your soul.

Er, wait, sorry…thought you were Kagon…never mind. :slight_smile:

Closed as per request since we don’t delete threads.

Also, I hate you Ji.