I'm bored, tell me what to buy

Tis perfect timing for this. I just got payed, and I’m high on eBay.
Now, tell me what anime to buy (or at least look into). I know this type of thread is posted often enough, but as the title says, I’m bored.

I’m mostly interested in fantasy and action series, short ones too. If you could please leave suggestions, that would be lovely.
Oh, and also leave a nice summary of the series as well. That would greatly help.

Dont buy your anime on Ebay.

But get scrapped Princess, Elfen Lied, FMA, My Neighbord the Yamadas, Pom Poko, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Slayers, Slayers Next, Slayers TRY, Any of the slayers movies or OVAs. Dont get them on Ebay though. You dont know whether they’ll be illegal bootlegs or not.

Absolutely nothing. Save your money. :smiley:

IMO, ebay’s fine for buying anime - most of mine has been purchased through ebay. I’m not endorsing any particular pressings (licensed or bootlegged), but it’s not at all difficult to find out which one is offered in an auction. People selling Region 1 normally shout it from the rooftops since there are a lot of bootlegs for sale. Also, if the Buy It Now price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It’s just common sense, really - thoroughly read the descriptions and be sure of all the terms before bidding, so you actually know what you’re getting. Know your product before you start shopping on ebay.

It would also help if you could tell us what you’ve already seen so that people don’t repeat those things. I think you’d already know whether you liked them. :smiley:

Anyway, I love Fruits Basket (really nice girl meets an odd family, sweet but not saccharine life lessons and hijinks ensue). :smiley: