I'm Back

Well my dad’s home now, so I’m back. His leg and shoulder are still far from healed but he’s gonna be ok. So yeah hi and stuff.

Hi again person.

Welcome back. I knew it wouldn’t be long before your return. Nobody’s will is strong enough to leave this place for good. :mwahaha:

Er, he didn’t leave because he doesn’t like the place. He left because he had to.

Yes, welcome back.

Welcome back, Az. Glad to know your dad’s doing well enough to be home.

<No! I will not!>

Who’re you again?

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Good to have ya back…glad to hear that your dad is feeling better.

Gooten Tag!

welcome back… good to see you again

Good to know your dad is doing better. WB.

Welcome back. Glad to hear your dad’s doing okay.

We said back then that he’d be ok. A couple of broken bones are easy to heal, it’s just a matter of a little more time.

Welcome back Deegan, glad you’re dad’s feeling better!