I'm Back...

Hey everyone, just came back from camping. Bought myself 2 things on holiday. 1 a really cool fantasy broadsword and 2. Pokemon Ruby. I have to say that Ruby is ten times better than I thought it would be and I strongly recommened you get it. So anyway hi guys.

I have Saphire. :hahaha;

BTW, I uploaded another chapter of Ancient Wizardry…check Fictionpress or the thread on the medie forum!

Welcome back, SH.

At some point I’ll upload some pics of me and my great counsin holding my sword. (she’s about 70)

Welcome Back, Hayes.

Anymore info on the sword? What kinda sword, matey?

Yea man, elaborate on the sword…

<center><img src=“http://www.penny-arcade.com/images/2001/20010126l.gif”></center>

Aww, I was at least hoping you were posting a Sword pic, Ray Man, rather than a lamer PA comic :s

does the welcome back dance

Why does everyone get swords except me? is jealous OK, so not everyone, but… =P

I don’t got a sword. Got a halberd and a quarterstaff, but no sword.

Oh, and welcome back, Seph.

Welcome back.

I’ve got a wrought-iron cut & thrust sword, and a bokuto. I need a real sword.

/me heaps envy on Sephiroth Hayes.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Anyone here played Devi May Cry? My sword looks very akin to the Alastor.

Originally posted by Sephiroth Hayes
Anyone here played Devi May Cry?

…You want a show of hands? That could take a while…

Welcome… I just got back from school… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back Seph.

wipes a tear away
I never knew so many cared.

hands out cookies.