I'm back!

And I believe it’s about time I move my Heroes of Might and Magic 1 shrine to the wiki (in time, gradually). Since I dropped off the face of the earth I’ve had 2 kids that I love to death.:hahaha; Shortly before the first one was born mind you.

Oh. yeah. we were just talking about you… umm… welcome back…?

Hi there! I’m Helios, It’s nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

…and welcome back to the Agora! It’s always better to have more people as oppose to spam bots. See you around! :stuck_out_tongue:

Who the hell are you? :V

I thought I’ve seen you posting around here lately. Maybe that was some one else.

Welcome back Khalbrae!

He was probably here while you were banned. Over and over.

Welcome back.

Cheers Khalbrae. Have you played the new King’s Bounty games btw?

Sadly no, so little time overall. Yesterday was a frightening trip to the hospital for my 6 month old. Now he’s prescribed an epi-pen just in case…

Welcome back.


Hey, 'sup.