I'm back...

Welcome back n’ stuff.

Just glad to see your back… besides, I think people here care more about the personality then the looks…

No idea what the hell you’re talking about, but nobody seems to care anyway. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any post from you around. Welcome back.

The words that you issue bring joy to mine heart. Welcome back, dear sister!

PS: I doubt anyone would be offended about the pic thing, if they are then they have the sensibilities of a peanut :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you honestly think for a second that a bunch of us wouldn’t just go on fawning over you anyway? Come now, this is RPGC, and you’re a girl; you’ve pretty much got Carte Fuckin’ Blanche.

Doctored photos is kinda dishonest, yeah, but I barely ever check the picture posting threads anyway, so I barely noticed (and I’m certainly not gonna get upset over it).

There’s a lesson here. About letting people wear you down and talk you into delivering something you can’t deliver, etc. Live and Learn, no real harm done.

And welcome back, too.

Yea, you’re usually pretty cool, so whatever.

Although, I must say that there are quite a few times where your actions are quite…unbecoming of most girls I know.

hugs Cala Ah well. Welcome to the internet. You usually can’t expect complete honesty.

But I like you anywyas. And I still want to see Cala boobies. laughs

And here I was, worried and wondering if something horrible had happened to you…
blushes a bit
Oh, to hell with the blushing already!
hugs Cala
I missed you. ^^
I don’t judge people by appearance and I only checked the pic thread once out of curiosity. It donesn’t matter.
I understand if you don’t want to show your real face or just can’t. It doesn’t really matter.
What matters is that I consider you a friend. Most of us do.
Who cares about the pictures? We can’t talk to them, can we? The original is always best.
It’s you we like, not a jpg, gif or whatever.
As for your actions here, they’re harmless and amusing. Who doesn’t like that naughty and unpredictable element? ^
hugs Cala again
Why would we get angry over such a little thing?

I don’t freaking care.

About whether you’re back or the fact that you doctored pictures.

does the welcome back dance

Welcome back, Cala :slight_smile: And don’t worry about it.

So what if those pics weren’t you. You had the honesty to tell the truth and that’s more than many would do. Welcome back.

Thanks a lot for coming clean with us.

If anyone WAS really offended by it, I would hae to wonder how long a stick was shoved how far up his or her ass.

Welcome back! I’m so glad to see you again, Cala! Oh, & this is Seph, I decided to go by my real name now, since it’s cuter. ^^