I'm Back!

Well,I can’t think of anything else to say…Except that I’m back and I’m glad about it.I got my schedule in order and I should be posting everyday.Well,that’s about it…:wave:

Who are you again? And why would you change your schedule around just so you can post on a mediocre message board about role playing games?

I remember…you’re avatar. Otherwise, who are you?

Um, I mean, welcome! :smiley:

I don’t recognize you, but man. RPGC has been inundated with old people of late. Jiharn and zombiegirl in the chat. You (apparently) and Xelo on the Agora. Any time soon we can be expecting like Sir Percival and Saturn (again) and JasoX.

Darn, it looks like I must find myself a way into that chatroom :open_mouth:

You probably just jinxed it. Nice going. Now we’ll have to wait another six months for Perc or Saturn to reappear.

Nope. No need to wait. Percy is viewing this thread right now. >.>

I have, in fact, been coming by sometimes; I just have not been participating much in threads in this forum that much. Once I finish my degree (I have just my thesis to complete now), I shall probably frequent RPGC again.

And welcome back, Stormrage; hopefully my welcome will suffice to welcome you as a relatively infrequent visitor myself.

Hi Percival!

Snoopy. :slight_smile:
Next thing you know, someone may even see Maquiladora. >.>

He returneth from the Grave! Nice to see you again.

If you ever get tired of having six numbers at then end of your name, pm an admin and they’ll change it for you.

Hola [STRIKE]stromrage[/STRIKE] Paco, quires un taco?

EDIT: Rinn, I think he has the numbers there because if you average them, it’s 666.

During my great journey, I heard that Maquiladora is actually a dancing mexican cat in a sombrero.

Or rather, is the silhouette of a dancing mexican cat in a sombrero.

A life sign of perc! o_o drops a curtsy

And hi… stormrage? :o -blink-

EDIT: Rinn, I think he has the numbers there because if you average them, it’s 666.

It does?blinkI just picked to random numbers and repeated them both thrice.But now I have a reason.Thanks!

Whore. :heart:

HI PERC :smiley:

A <a href = “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maquiladora”>maquiladora</a> is actually a labour-export zone in Mexico where workers are exploited for cheap sources of labour by multinational corporations.

After you rid yourself of being trapped in all the drama of the website, you realize that ultimately, this forum isn’t a big deal at all, nor are extended absenses or sudden returns. Which is perhaps why nobody noticed that I recently came back as well (the topic creator apparently joined and then disappeared during my absence, which explains why I don’t recognize him).

Or no one likes you.