I'm Back!!

Hey, Gang! I’m back from my Florida vacation!
How did it go? Great!! Ulpiano’s family and I went to Don Garlit’s Dragster Museum (he’s a BIG racing car fan), to Sea World (where I learned many things, including that you should NOT shave on the same day when a killer whale might pour salt water on you- OUCH! ^^ ) and to four of the Disney Parks (Animal Kingdom, Disney MGM, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot Center.) We didn’t get to go to Downtown Disney or Disney’s Wide World of Sports- oh well, maybe next year.
Curiously, it was in Animal Kingdom where I saw what turned out to be my favorite attraction: The Lion King Festival. This was a live-action show, so I thought I would be bored- but no, it was funny, well-acted- even touching! I recommend it. Great music, too.
We had the best time at Magic Kingdom. We lucked out- every time we exited one ride or show, we ran in to another just starting! (or, in the case of the rides, in time to use our Fastpasses) Here, my favorite show was Cinderella’s Surprise Party.
Epcot Center wasn’t that fun- maybe because we spent too much time in Tomorrowland, which was mostly about history and science, and too little in the World Showcase, where we got to see the cultures of several parts of the world. Or, perhaps we were starting to get tired, and the knowledge that we had to start packing that night didn’t help. Still, we had fun- I beat everybody at the Buzz Lightyear Shooting Gallery. HAR! We also enjoyed the “Honey, I shrunk the audience!” 3D show. And Epcot had the BEST fireworks show of all of Disney’s!
Oh, and lest I forget, let me tell you one thing- Florida’s BEAUTIFUL! I loved Miami and Orlando! (The fact everyone there spoke Spanish, or could point you to someone who did, didn’t hurt, either! ^^ ) There was only ONE thing that nearly ruined my trip: I got sick! I caught a VERY bad cold, one of those that has you cycling thru all kinds of miserable simptoms: sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, hacking coughs, etc. But DAMNED if I was going to let that stop me from my first true vacation!! I popped a lot of cold pills- they didn’t completely stop the simptoms, but they made them bearable.
I would be a big ingrate if I didn’t at least mention the people who helped me have such a good time. First, of course, I must thank Ulp, my best friend (and Boss) who invited me along in the first place; his sister Janice, who allowed me to attend her baby’s baptism (which was the OFFICIAL reason for the trip); the rest of the Almodovar Family, who showed how much they care about and trust me (especially by letting me watch the kids); and last but not least, my sisters, Ileana and Ivonne, who, without my asking, insisted in helping me plan and get all the stuff I needed for the trip, from clothes to luggage.
So that is what I been doing the past ten days! If you guys are considering a vacation to Florida, I say go for it!

Dammit, now I wanna go to Florida…

Anyways, welcome back.

You left?

I mean… Welcome back.


sounds like you had a lot of fun… now just imagine how much fun you’d have if you came to maine… well, probably not as much fun :slight_smile:

I’m glad you had fun, Wil. Florida has always been one of my favorite places. Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Oh, and yeah, Florida IS beautiful.

Welcome back, Wil.

I know you probably didn’t, but I have to ask everyone who went to Disney…

Please, please tell me you punched or kicked Mickey Mouse!

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome Back’, and steals all your souvenirs and memories of the trip.

Galloway: Hi, Wil. Not much happened while you were gone…
the Dwarf comes in
Dwarf: Now where’s that Puerto Rican guy that helped take my gold?
Galloway: Uh, Wil, I would run now.

Sounds like fun Wil.

Welcome back Wil, glad to see that your vacation went good even when you got sick.

Originally posted by Orakio
sounds like you had a lot of fun… now just imagine how much fun you’d have if you came to maine… well, probably not as much fun :slight_smile:
I hate to say it, but Maine sucks, I’ve been there :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t really imagine whats in Maine besides…oh…say…potato farms.

Welcome back, Wilfredo. Though an anti-traveler most of the time, even I’d like to go on a trip to Florida. Hot and wet, with alligators in your backyard pool; sounds like my kind of place.

Welcome back :kissy: Glad to know you had fun. Vacation rocks.

I’ve been to Florida, & it kicked ass…

Glad to have you back.

Welcome back, Wil :wave:

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It’s great to have you back Wil! I’m happy to hear that you had a great time. Vactions is what we need sometimes… Well, it’s good to have you back. :slight_smile: Welcome back.:wave:

Welcome back Wil. Nice to see you again.