I'm back

I’m back from New York City and it seems a lot has happened here since I left on wednesday… well anyways, I had a fun trip. I’d go into details; but right now I’m really tired. Maybe in a later post on this thread I will.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Who are you?

I only had about twenty posts when I left so I expected that… I’m Vic_Viper, self proclaimed master of being nicknamed after a ship from Gradius. I was in New York during the deletion. I had a post saying I was going to be gone until today. I guess the next day it was deleted, along with everything else. So… umm… yep.

I’m not sure I know you…but hi! You’re right…a lot has gone on. shakes fist Damn worm virus! My beautiful post count! Gone! Gone! p:unch::

Well if I feel a little bit miffed about losing around 80 posts I cant imagine how those would feel who had 2000+ and up:)

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I lost around 2600 posts, and I don’t really care about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have more incentive to post and get above 1000 again, my loss of 2400 wasn’t that great, just a number.

I lost 4500+ posts! But I’m not upset, because I know I’ll make up for all of it in the months to come. I’ll be back at 4500 by February, baby!

I’m not so POed about my post count really.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
I’ll be back at 4500 by February, baby!

I see you being back faster, you have all summer to post.

How do you thinkl I feel! I lost twenty posts!(sarcasm)

pats Vic_Viper comfortingly on the shoulder It’s alright…it’s ok…lol

AAAHHHH! My beautiful 57 posts! Gone! Gone! Heh…oh well, I’ve only been here a few days anyways, so I guess I’m lucky it wasn’t more…

Hey, twenty posts? Were you a newbie then? Cause you’re welcome to join the Newbie Conspiracy that me n Evangelion set up.

I’ll join as long as I get giant laser weapons.

Giant laser weapons? Uhh, yeah, I think we have some of those in stock. Lol. ;-D Although what it’s a conspiracy for, I’m not actually sure…hey Evangelion, you know?

Newbie Conspiracy??:eek: That can’t be good!

But then again, there are about five times as many ‘veterans’ compared to the number of ‘newbies’. So any conspiracy you even try will die before it hits the ground flour!

wait… what happens when we’re no longer newbies? Will the conspiracy fall or just be passed on to the next generation? Will their ever be a purpose to the conspiracy? I’m so confused!:eek:

Oh yeah? Well…considering we all had to re-register if you joined after december (thank you Mr or Ms. Worm-Virus Hacker Jerk!!), does that make a lotta us newbies yet again?

And we will win! We have enough people on our side…lol

Umm…the no longer newbie thing…uhh…too confusing! I’m not sure…I don’t think it will! We can just keep recruiting newbies, ya? Then take over! Muahahahahaha…:o

Then I’m going have to take them all out right now. looks around for the weakest newbie YOU THERE! DIE!!:enguard:

The admins will always win, its called a ban.

It’s not a serious conspiracy. We’re not really gonna take over the boards or whatever. It’s just a jokey thing, and it’s not doing any harm really.