I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

apparently it has been well over a year but I am back:booster:

Zhare! I only recognize you 'cause of your avatar.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome back?’

I haven’t seen you here before, but welcome back nonetheless!!! ^____^

Welcome back Zhare. :’)

apparently I left shortly after that “Death of Video Games” flame war I started which I suppose is now quite infamous:hahaha; :mwahaha: :hahaha; :runaway:

Its not really infamous no. Sorry :P.

Yeah, uh, I don’t remember you and I don’t remember your alleged flame war. So it’s neither infamous or worthy of remembering. So you fail.

Welcome back, I guess. I don’t remember you either. :\

I kinda remember your name, but that’s it. Anyway, welcome back.

i don’t think i’ve been here long enough to remember you…or this flame war you speak of.

Your name seems familiar, but I’ve neer been to active in the core forums. Anyway, Welcome back.

You’re back? How come everyone brage about “being back”? You know this place is too addicting to leave for good. Anyway, nice to see you again.

because they have nothing else to brag about. sad, isn’t it?