I'm back (sort of)

Some of you may know me as princefireball, but during my long absence, my account was purged. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.

The Rpg maker guy who answered a bunch of questions? Let’s be friends innocent whistle

Welcome back whomever you may be.

I think I remember you. Hi.

Ah yeah, I remember you way back before the deletion. Welcome back!

I don’t know you but hello and welcome back comrade. Red Army parade to honor you.

Super Saiyan Ahnold welcomes you.

Well, welcome back. since no one here has stolen your shoes yet or given you a cookie, i guess ure safe for the moment.

No idea who you are, but welcome back.



Hi, welcome back, I think i can remember you

hello!!! gives majora a [STRIKE]poisoned[/STRIKE] cookie…=)

I don’t remember you either, but welcome back. :wave:

Welcome back. I don’t believe we’ve ever met. ^^

That used to be my schtick, but it was tired and old.

It’s good to see you again :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd