I'm BACK!!!!!111

Hello all, and I’m back. It’s been a while. I was known as the uberly nooby Rystar Strife for a very long time, until I went poof. But now I’m back, and this time I have perspective, experience with toddlers, and I even beat all of these:
Bahamut Lagoon
Fire Emblem
And a slew of Pokemon games I have been wasting my time with.


When did you join before? I don’t remember seeing you around here before.

Yeah i don’t remember you either…

oh well stor kram

He always wanted to show RPGC to his mommy.

Hey, shut up. I used to do that.

Still do.

Back from where: from that non-existent place commonly called the real world?

The people do not know you. And neither do I.

Well he did say he went poof. Maybe a wizard made all our memories of him disappear, too.

Then again, probably not. Oh well.

You remind of the baker down the street! :slight_smile:

Or maybe not, he doesn’t seem to be into gaming at all. Then again, he’s 60…

Yeah, I remember you from LONG ago. Welcome back!