I'm an animal!

No, seriously. :hahaha;
For my introduction letter of this term of writer’s course, I need to describe myself as the kind of animal I am (the teacher himself claims that he’s a horse. It’s his wife’s idea. ‘Something about his face,’ she claims. So you get nothing, you perverts). Buuut, thing is, I have no idea what kind of animal I would represent. Any ideas? ^^;;

A deer? Dunno, then again, this is our first time meeting one another! Hi, I’m Izlude!

Perhaps you could describe yourself? Judging by the avatar, and assuming that is you, I’ll say deer, or maybe a Cocker Spaniel cause your hair is curley and reminds me of thier ears.

O_O sorry if this is a bad start…

You are an animal…in bed? >_> Sorry couldn’t resist :runaway:

What i thought of was a hummingbird? Uh quickly going place to place giving constructive criticism on stories and uh if you get sick of reading crap stories you could poke with your beak and ridicule instances of it? Other animals i thought of were butterfly and rabbit for similar reasons. Sorry for butting in, those were kinda cruddy ideas since I don’t really know you too well.

What animals do you have an affinity for?

You know, Izlude actually makes a good point, you DO seem like a deer. Certainly in appearance, and in spirit. I’d say go with that.

For some strange reason I see you as a Wombat Weilla :stuck_out_tongue:

No nonsense, indestructable and capable of incredible feats under pressure :stuck_out_tongue:

Try out the Chinese Zodiac thing, see if it works for you. Like me, you were born in 1982, which is the year of the dog. See if this describes you:

I suppose no matter what, we can all see any of these traits in ourselves, but whatever works, right?
Information from http://www.c-c-c.org/chineseculture/zodiac/zodiac.html

If you’re going by appearance, I suppose whatever animal that best resembles your body structure.

I’ve always pronounced your SN as Whale-a so I’m gonna say you’re a whale.

I guess I think of you as a cat, Weiila; a cat that’s intelligent, mellow, and generally kind. :slight_smile:

A swan? I think gracious animals seem to fit you well.

Some hard-working animal. I’d say ox or somesuch, but that doesn’t fit you at all.

Wait. Dogs. Dogs’re loyal (like you are to fanfics), hardworking (fanfic section again), uhh… Horny? >.>

Go into this site -> Animal Spirits

Browse the creatures, see which one has the same traits that you see in yourself.

It’s part of my creed that everybody has a few guiding spirits who give you a share of their traits when you’re born. Which do you think is your guide now?


Teddy Bear! :slight_smile:

A bookworm! Or a Spelling Bee. Or, uh, some other animal that can have a very loose connection to literature and words. >.>

KOALA! what kind of animal am Iiiiiiiiiiiiii?

Weilla could be the Dolphin for the ability with communication, could also be the spider for the power of creativity.

Your affiliation with fanfiction stands out in my mind, so my Winnie-the-Pooh-based instincts suggest “owl.” Patient, studious, fairly wise, but you can probably go into hunter mode if you need.

Well, if I compared you to a cute little sparrow I might get in trouble, so… ^^;; Well, let’s see… the swan reminds me of your elegance and delicate grace, but you also have something else, something difficult to define… not only the wisdom, but the ability to inspire others. Hmm… This is a tricky one…

On second thought. Feline. You’re deviously intelligent and can still hurt people lots if they don’t do what you want.

I don’t know about the rest of you people, but my answer is human.