I'm a week or two late, but...

Hey, what’s up. I didn’t post a “I’m new” thread when I first signed up, and so here it is as unoriginal as possible.

Hey I’m new, how is everyone?

More friends :slight_smile:
hugs Kairi!

Hi… damn, none of the usual jokes work since you know the place already.

Steve I seriously hate you for your persona that you just adopted.

Welcome to RPGC. Embrace the insanity or it will surely destroy you.

And Steve…you are EVIL!!! kicks Steve in the bojangles

Well what’re <b>those</b>?
Maybe we should sing about them so we all know what they are! :smiley:

Steve, you’re getting straight out freaking. Stop it before I’m forced to hurt you.

Aww… you don’t wanna hurt anyone.
Pain is a bad thing :frowning:

Not if you or the other guy is a sadist/masochist. Liek me.

Why that’s a big word, missy.
Let’s sing a song about it to teach the others!
I’m a sado/masochist yes I am.
Pain means nothing to me
nooooo ma’am

You shove a knife into me
I don’t squirm!
I just sit there and love you!


Salve! Hello and welcome! I did more or less the same thing.

Steve, while I agree with your message, the end does not justify the means. Barney must die fires a shockwave of explosive energy

Urge… to kill… raising…

I should kill you for that, but I’ve learned how barney is invincible. So instead, I’ll just say that I hate you.

hugs Barney ^^ SIng me a song about eating ham! :smiley:

Barney may be invincible…but not all those kids around him! Ahahahahahaha! starts a bonfire of the Barney kids >_>

I’m a ham eater, yes I am
It’s not kosher, but I don’t care
I like to fry it and have it with a clam

Don’t eat it raw, don’t you dare
You don’t want a disease
Just cook it to put your mind at ease
roasts a ham on the bonfire

Now do one on safe sex!

  • Crawls into a corner *

I’m scared…

Keep it in your pants
Keep it in your pants
You heard me right
I said
Keep it in your pants

You don’t want a kid
You don’t want a disease
Even if you keep it hid
You still could get a VD

Keep it in your pants
Keep it in your pants
You heard me right
I said
Keep it in your pants

It could break
It could squeeze
But for real
You could get a disease!

bites of Steve’s head

Barney is the largest form of evil on earth (clowns are second). You are not deemed evil enough to claim that persona.