I'm a True Motherfucking RPatriotGC

I don’t know how many of you remember this, but a while ago, the 984 informed us of a raised Uriel threat alert; an alert of the Tutti-Frutti level. Time passed, and it was forgotten by those few who believed it. I, however, put trust in that man, and have been on Tutti-Frutti alert since. I followed the advisory to change my background, and have not changed to another style since his announcement. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, all that time in pure Tutti-Frutti, waiting for the Uri-furies to come up over them hills.
Well, today, I tell you that it’s not enough. We need an even more hardcore, painful, physically damaging, and most of all, difficult to read board skin. The time has come to take it to a new level.
To take it to the goddamn limit.
The 984, I choose you! For all that is good in RPGC, you must craft a skin of such power, such retina-destroying might, that before its clashing colours, not only Uriel, but every troll from the corners of the internet, will feel the chill sting of its gaze, even under the darkest of IPV6 shields. There’s only one hope, and it’s name The 984.

I’ve kept my skin on 984 Purple ever since it became available…

I stick with the classics blue. I wish that old forum background was on here though, the swishy blue stuff? Is that on the main site or has it gone the way of the dodo?

Grey. I just never liked bright skins.

I suggest an all white layout. So you cannot even read the text. It could be called Charlemagne White

Go You Silver Britches!

Also, no.

What a guy, what a guy!

She knows how to love me
Yes, indeed
Boy, you don’t know
What she’s doin’ to me

I actually think the green is easiest on the eyes. Well, for me at least.

<.< I really like the 984 purple myself.

I’ll just repeat whay I said the last time.

I like this blue design. Isn’t Uriel that gargoyle dude from Quake 3?


I suggest reverting all colour schemes to match Tombstone Grey. The Uriels will leave us alone, thinking the pages load too slowly.

Ditto. It’s kinda painful to switch to any other theme.

I have found that switching to any theme after being accustomed to one is weird. I’ve been usign Go You Silver Britches ever since UGA won the NCAA men’s tennis championship, and it looks weird even if I go to a normal theme like blue or green or grey. You just get used to what you see.

Yeah, it is weird trying to switch. I’ve almost always kept the blue background (I think I had it on Raised to Hate Orange for awhile, but I decided I liked blue better).

Jesus, why did I make this. I’m a stupid fuck.

Yeah. Yeah you are.

No arguments here

Go Arac wOO!