I'm a sad kirby

people think i’m weird well kirby says <(^-^)> your not very much better now are you

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘I cast magic missile!’

Hello sad little kirby. this is a dancing kirby.

Welcome. :moogle:

My friend wrote a dancing kirby program in basic programming

i had a friend who is a tid bit crazy but she’s my best friend! Well she made a small thingy were there was kirby love…

Don’t correct someone’s grammar unless you can spell it correctly.

wow crap i knew i shoulda said something. Thank you <(^-^)> kirby says he won’t hurt you :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you all.

And it’s supposed to be “fought” instead of “faught” methinks.

Now mow my lawn, son.

Calculating HP/MP totals? So you were doing math for fun?

[STRIKE]FREE POST[/STRIKE] I’m just impressed at how long this thread’s gotten.

my life is compelled to uselessness ^-^. No for the rp you have a character sheet and i got some new items for payday and they had hp and mp bonuses woot! Least someone actually posted about the original subject :bowser: