I'm a sad kirby

I’m just going to have the saddest day of my life 1st i was staying up last night and all because der it’s summer. I couldn’t sleep last night why? because i wanted to rp that much…i know it’s sad. Then on a fft based rp forum

if you havn’t guessed i’m demon ya i have that name in as many forums as possible…isn’t this just sad? Like i said this is from an fft based thingy i would give you a link but i’m too lazy and i’d prolly get in trouble moohahah!

This gramar, or lack thereof, just hurts. Plain English pain.


Welkam to arpigeeklassix!

You rp.


smacks head ya i guess so. Sorry boot the grammer i was really hyper when i made this post pokes post i’m sorry you had to hear that :stuck_out_tongue:


(cheers ot those who know what I am talking about)

haha let’s all talk about dev’s sig when he doesn’t even get why it’s funny hahaha awesome pure gold

I don’t get this thread. And I’m not even high.

Scratch that, let us all look at Steve to see something that expresses wierdness. :no2:

Snorting coke + logging onto RPGC = weirdass threads.

I don’t get it.

The girl in your bloody signature looks cunfused as h*ll, so I thought I would say that to say how dumb and cunfusing this thread was without writting a paragraph!

oh wow this sure is a zany thread

I’ve seen zanier before. This one is just plain bewildering.

I’ve never seen anyone censor hell before, that’s damn sure.

This thread needs to be closed. Nothing important, here, anyways. Just cheap cracks and dumb co…mm…e…

Oh, what the heck, this entire FORUM makes no sense…

I concur

Free po-I’ll just shut up.