I'm a retard.

How do i take nesticle out of full screen mode?

I’m a retard too, I have no idea what you’re talking about…

F11 maybe?

Is that possible? I’ve never been able to.

XD I cant remember if it is or not. Oh well.

What is a nesticle?

I dunno but my first thought was a dirty one

Nesticle is an NES emulator program.

Alt + Enter

Works for most things.

Not for this =\

Escape? Thats what I used.

I’m pretty sure it’s a dos only emulator, so you can’t from the program itself. You may be able to mess with the way that windows displays dos windows in it’s properties. Still, if you have a decently fast computer, there are newer and better emulators that exist, like FCE Ultra.

There is a windows version of NESticle, but if you can’t get out of fullscreen, you’re in the DOS one.

I think you’re wrong, all I found (my brother needed it earlier to put on a really crappy computer) was a dos version, which hasn’t been updated since 1998.

Well, I clearly remeber a rather crappy Windows 95 back when it was still being updated on,.

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Not for this =\
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The answer is very simple. Stop using NESticle, and use a real NES emulator like FCE Ultra or NNNesterJ. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasnt aware of any other NES emulators.

Im using FCE Ultra now, and its out of full screen, thanks.

Yes. Yes you are.