I'm a moocher! :D :D :D

Okay, so I’m gonna be home alone for the next three weeks, since my mom and sister are in England. On top of that, I’ve just saved lotsa hard disk space in various ways. Anyone got $60 they can give me so I can buy Half-Life 2 (Silver) on Steam? :smiley:

On steam? Dont you have dialup, or are you able to leech the college connection even when school is out (or has summer session 2 started?)? I highly recommend you have cable at least, if you get it off steam.

Living alone is fun. You get to do whatever you want, and no one will bother you, though in turn theres the tradeoff of the risk of becomming a troglodyte, though I’ve evaded that thus far. Also, you have to buy food yourself, something living with your parents usually does not ready you for.

I’d be willing to buy it for you if I can use your house to throw a party. You’ll have three weeks to clean it up.

Everybody! Party in New Hampshire!!!

Guess where we’re hosting RPGCEast now? :smiley:

What, a meet thats actually possible for me to go to, as its in semi-walking distance? That would be new.

[STRIKE]PARTY AT MY PLACE![/STRIKE] Uh, no. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Steam, I can mooch off my dad’s cable internet, too. At least until Sunday, and after that, I’ll … possibly be able to mooch it at some point. And I’m pretty sure there’s some kinda summer school stuff going on, inasmuch as the library’s open on Sundays and on every other day except Friday it’s open 'til 9 instead of 4:30, and I can get cable there, too. :smiley:

But, yeah. As for the “buying your own food” thing, we’re kinda stocked well enough for now, and my mom’s left a hefty sum of cash for that purpose. However, I cannot actually use that to get HL2 because it’s not a credit card. :smiley:

When I was a bit younger I had a stint of living alone for a month, lately I’ve done it for 3 weeks.

You know what? It feels ordinary when it’s happening, but when everyone comes back, you miss it sort of.

Yes but did you have $60? D: