I'm a gigantic nerd! =D

What else but a giant nerd would spend three years hanging around with a bunch of other nerds?

Yep. I just noticed that as of two days ago, I’ve spent three years in this den of depravity. Granted, it’s not as long as some of the oldbies, but it’s still nothing to sneeze at. :chupon:

I shall now go through the same spiel I usualky do in these situations:

I effing love this place.

No, seriously. These here boards be the first place on the intarweb where I felt I really belonged. I am a part of the community. Granted, I’m not what you’d call one of the cool ones, but eh, that works for me.

I think I was a bit of a moron in my early days. But I’d like to think I’m over that now.

So here’s to you, RPGC. I expect to see many more years out of you. You won’t get rid of me that easily. :toast:

Kay, I’ve said my piece. Not gonna do any questions or answers or that kinda thing. I doubt there’s anything people’d want to ask me, anyway. So the mods can lock this at their liesure.

Congrats man! I know your pain as i’m not quite sure just how long i’ve been here, but it’s hard to remember when I wasn’t. No matter how long I stay away, I always find myself coming back here. It’s more home than anywhere else, real life and online.

You may be a nerd as much as you want, but I’m a geek.

I’ve been here for about the same time, and have hanged around with nerds since I was 11, so yeah, I think I’ve never had a life.

I’ve been here for over five years, and I don’t consider myself a nerd.

wel ur rong!111 lololz

Your definition of nerd must be pretty loose then =p That, or you’re a geek.

You’re not required to. You have redeeming qualities, like your vocabulary size, intelligence, and nasty habit of thinking before you post.

I’ve been here over three years too, and I consider myself one big geek as well. The only difference is that I stopped hating myself for being one a LONG time ago. About the same time I learned that the “cool” people could be just as miserable.

So, here’s to all of us geek/nerds, and especially to GG. Been great having you here, hope you hang around for a long time more.

Hey, check this out! :smiley:

my anniversary with rpgc is coming up. i expect lots of cake with white vanilla frosting. and pretty little napkins.

Looking at your join date, I’d think it’s actually already come and gone.


Say, on that note, my 3-year is coming up a few weeks before Halloween.

That join date, do you think perhaps it was when people joined this board? Because there were also the old boards, but I don’t remember anything timeline-wise, so i’m thinking that we were probably here before that join date.

Yeah, I’ve been here since I was about 14… well, not here specifically, mostly hanging around the chat, then the boards eventually.

I love nerds :3 the boys and the candy i suppose

This place somehow made it into my regular surfing schedule. I think I’ll be coming up on 2 years on Sunday.

Come 1.1.2006, I’ll be at my seven year anniversary with RPGC. Technically, I first found the site on 12.26.1998, but I didn’t join until 1.1.1999. Even then, at the time, I only talked to staffers, and only through ICQ. I didn’t join the chat until just before “the revolution,” and I didn’t join the boards until just after.

But that date is a fluke, just like mine. All those who joined in the first half of 03 got deleted by the worm. I think I joined somewhere around February.

Anyhow, congratulations. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who seems is going to rot away in this place :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn worms!

Makes it so much harder to prove our uber-1337ness :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re ALL nerds!

Even though I’ve been here for a short time, I AM TEH NERDY NERD-NERD!

I’m probably the only one who joined RPGC without ever visiting it first. 8p I was actually asked to join, though, so I was in a bit of a unique situation.

Your definition of nerd must be pretty loose then =p That, or you’re a geek.

Geek I’ll take, but grudgingly. Basically, I’m fine in social situations, I do a lot of things with my life (although exercise admittedly isn’t one of them) and I have a good sense of humor… my idea of a nerd is someone who none of those things apply to, which is why I think I’m not one. ^^;

I classify myself as a sort of undercover geek. You can’t tell by looking at me, with my Sox hat and Pats jersey on. I’m not the type to wear an anime shirt or dress up like my favorite RPG character. I don’t have video game posters on my wall or anything. But if you open up my closet and see the box full of around 75 NES games, you’ll figure it out.