I'm a college girl now!

This is the final day of first year orientation, it’s been awesome. They have so much for us to do, on Saturday they kicked us all off campus and shipped us to Boston to keep us out of the way. My dormmates are awesome, and we were seriously debating on making a fake facebook account for an imaginary person my roommate swore was real. I spent the first week trying to get my internet to work, so I’m really excited that it finally does. We’re already forming an ice cream support group because none of us have the willpower to not eat the free ice cream everday. The people here are the nicest and coolest people I’ve ever met.

Anyone else start college this year?

Yep, I’m in Toronto, and it’s pretty awesome so far. Big rooms, nice people, free internet, good a/c system, what else can I ask for? :stuck_out_tongue: The engineering people got painted purple for their frosh; I’m glad I don’t have to do that >.>

I did, in February. And I thank God I don’t have to live in a dorm.



Boobs please.

We’re happy for you. Have fun quick, before the shine wears off.

As I’ve just been stopped by our anti-flood protection, let me also add that I’m filled with dread by the prospect of living in a dorm and interacting with other people that often, even though it would save me mad gas money in the current oil market.

I hope to transfer to a <i>real</i> college after this semester.

I go to university. ;_; can’t join in on the fun!

Good for you, just remember that you can go to class now wearing a bathrobe.


I liked living in the dorm. I made plenty of friends. I’m off campus now, but I’m living with some of my old dorm friends. The dorm, from my experience, is just a good way to meet other people if you don’t mind socializing with many different people.

And to create underage drinking.

That depends on your don. Our don, unfortunately, is a girl and responsible >:(

Man, remember when Merlin, myself and the rest entered college? That seems so distant.

Heh, yeah, I do.

What school do you go to Kairi?

Wellesley College.

yeah it was much COOLER when we all entered college.

I know a few people who went to Wellesley. The place is pretty cool from what I know.

Like an initiation? I had to dress up as a burning and crashing MIR station for mine. Good times…

I really miss college. :smiley:
Now I’m researching options for further education.

Walhalla: For frosh week, actually. Frats and sororities aren’t allowed on our campus.

Well, frats and sororities were totally inexistent on my campus as well, but we still all had to dress up as various stuff related to engineering for one day.

I’ve heard good things about Wellesley. What are you majoring in? They have a cross-campus thing with MIT for computer science that I think would be really neat.

Enjoy college while you can. It is way too short and you will miss it when you leave. I love taking classes and the whole college environment. Luckily I work for a company that resides near campus and they allow me time off to take classes so I can be a career student! I have already taken something like 180 hours of university credit.

Oh really? Did you already go to grad school? Or are you looking into PHd programs or med school or something?

Vicki got a bachelor’s in chemistry (which is a rare thing to see a girl do, not to sound discriminatory, but that’s how it is). I vaguely remember her discussing grad school but wanting to push it to later. Is that plan still on?