I'll take "l33t h4xx0rz" for 500, Alex.

This guy is just cool. Seriously.

Well, I’ve been outdone, that’s it. I may as well kill myself now, and save a wasted life.

I’ve seen plenty of college students wager $1337 in Final Jeopardy. They’re all nerds.

What a fucking hardass.

Damn college know it all hippy.

I wish I knew what 1337 meant.

:moogle: Me two.

[STRIKE]Mewtwo[/STRIKE] I mean me two.

Wow, he’s pretty hot for someone on Jeopardy.


Thats pretty sad.

And for someone who would use the term “1337” in public.

I envy you. ;_;

Wait. You mean we aren’t?

I remember watching that guy during the college tournament. I don’t memember if he won or not though.

because we all know 1337 is no longer a valid number…

He seems to have well over 1337.

My friends lived in apartment number 1337 for 3 months before we realized it.

On one MUSH I used to go to, my character had 1337 [units of currency, I forget what] at one point. And I wasn’t even trying.

Back in the day when the 1337 h4x0r shit was new and kind of cool, this guy I used to play TFC with got a custom license plate that said “I R 1337”.

Such carefree innosence.

I wish I knew what ‘me two’ meant.

Probably “I make typoes.”

Or “I’m cait sith”