I'll take bets on how many cows died...

To make THIS.

You guys remember the legendary 9 pound burger this eatery was offering? Well it lost tthat trophy, so now it’s upped the ante.

To fifteen pounds. Just… dude.

I really have to wonder what the prize is going to be on THIS.

I think one cow

Around 4, actually.


4 ass kickings you want me to give you? Is that what you’re saying?

That’s a lotta meat.

Oh hellz yeah boi. I’m lampin, I’m lampin, I’m cold cold lampin, but not anymore, biotch. Meet me at Hoop # 2 on the playground at 3:10.

I think the prize will be some thing useful, like a buy one get one free bypass cupon.

Or a coupon for the local weight loss center.