I'll be leaving for a while...

Because of some “real life” (Yeah, right, like that even exists :P) problems I’ll be staying away from all kinds of forums for a while, including RPGC. ;_;

I might drop in every once in a while, but it probably won’t be often…
I’ll be back in a month or so…

… … … Oh, who am I kidding? I won’t be able to stay away that long, but I’m gonna have to try. :stuck_out_tongue:

Failed in school exams and now your parents are pissed?

I take it you’ve heard this before Ren?

Originally posted by Darkil
I take it you’ve heard this before Ren?

More times than you could count -_- If people are to leave, they don’t need to post such threads.

That’s certainly one way of putting it but it is somewhat easier to say that to friends from here instead of a mass pm. Why they wouldn’t have the email addresses I couldn’t say.

If RPGC wasn’t the problem, don’t leave it because you have a completely different one. That’s just punishing yourself.

He’s got the right to post it to notify people Ren so hush.

Damn, sorry to hear that, Poke. Hope you do return soon, you’ll be missed.

:too bad; :thud: :fungah: :eek: :wave:

Hurry back Poke!

Later :wave:

Here’s an idea, - and stop me if this is too crazy! - people just leave a note in their sig that they’re gone.

And seeya poke.

Don’t let the abstinences get to you.

Bye:wave: Hope you can come back soon.