Wow… this game is great. I needed a good game by Treasure (the last one I played was Silhouette Mirage) and I even got it for my deprived Gamecube. I definitely recommend this. Anyone else play it yet?

Not yet, but I’d like to try it. It looks awesome.

I haven’t heard about it. What is it about?

www.anyo.org , the same site that hosts the Smash Brothers Melee Orchestral MP3s are hosting some mp3s from that game. And I need to check the game out.


Hmmm Dynamite Headdy

Headdy 0wnz j00. ^^

I haven’t heard about it. What is it about?

It’s along the same lines as Blazing Lazers as far as gameplay goes, but there’s a twist. You can absorb certain color bullets by changing the color of your ship (it starts out white so you can absorb white bullets, pressing A makes it turn black so you can absorb black bullets). Absorbing bullets makes You gain energy that goes into this little sidebar that can be released in a big flashy multiple laser shot.

EDIT: and yes, Heady does 0wnz j00.

I keep hearing how Radiant Silvergun (it’s sequel/prequel ?) kicks so much ass, all I know is that the Saturn port of RS usually goes for 100+ $ on Ebay X_x

Ikaruga has got to be by far the hardest shooter I’ve ever played. I think it’s insane that they have a ‘Bullet Eater’ mode where you have no weapons, and the only thing keeping you alive is your ability to absorbe bullets.