This will likely interest those who played Cave Story, since Ikachan is another game by Pixel.

You are a squid(cute one at that ^^) that ventures into an area filled with fish, crabs, and so on… There are experience points, hit points and items. Like Cave Story, no shop, but you do acquire some equipment and a technique. Unlike Cave Story, is it very short, but it’s still a fun little game. The music on it is real nice too.

So far, it’s untranslated, but it’s fairly simple to play. Pressing “Z” allows you to propel your squid through the water and “S” allows you to view your items.

A quick google search would net a good result, but I’ll just provide a really nice version which is half translated… it’s pure Engrish, but you should be able to make out what it says.

Ikachan… Engrish style !!