If you're afraid of alien telepathy, this is more effetive than simple tinfoil caps.

By the way, the purpose of the site is a very noble one.

Stop Abductions.

It can really save your mind.

Oh yeah, before I leave… I had never heard of mantis aliens before.

I’ll leave the sarcastic humor to you guys and limit myself to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

They’ve GOT to be kidding. -.-;

This is pretty ridiculous. So ridiculous, in fact it makes me LOLZORS!!!one111 :wink:

With this hat, and my immortality rings, I will be invincible.

Right now, the front page has someone named Jon Locke as an alien abductee, but it fails to mention anything about his philosophies and political views he expressed in the 1700s.

If I had a talk show I would put that guy on.

The most disturbing thing is that he seems to actually believe in everything he wrote there…

The man has conviction, what can I say?

To bad it doesn’t prevent living with your family making you crazy too.

You surely won’t be living together with the rest of your family for long after you start using this. Unless they join you and start using their own helmets too.

They ought to hire Magneto to redesign it.

jumps on opportunity to use RL catchphrase Well, since I don’t know the exact extent of your vocabulary, “what can I say” is a tough question. :3