If you were elected pope, what name would you take?

Okay, theoratically, the cardinals come and say you’ve been elected the new pope of the Catholic Church? What name would you take?

I would be Thomas Aristotle. For Thomas Aquainas and the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle.

Pope Kefka.

Pope Vader. Bitches.

Lord Popemort.

EDIT: Also Popa Fett.

Pope Big Poppa Smurf.

I hope you didn’t intend for this to be serious.

Lol, not totally seriously, but hell, at least you’ve got a normal “good guy” sounding name. I’d hate to be on the opposite debating side (conservative, which I really am, moderate, or liberal) with pope Vader, or even shutter Pope Kefka!

Seriously can someone tell me why someone would want to name themselves after that crack clownschool drop out nutjob?

Lady approaching Pope Kefka “You’re holiness, I think we need women priests.”

Pope Kefka, “You do, do you?” *Summons a huge comet to crush the Earth (okay technically Sephiroth did this, but what the hell), poisons Catholic School children’s milk, then laughs maniacly.

Pope Haile Selassie :-p

Pope More Powerful than Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and the Incredible Hulk Combined



Pope Mussolini

Pope Adolf Hitler II

Haha you guys are horrible

Pope Jesus God

That’s a horrible Pope name.

if I was Pope Buger King do you think they would pay me?

Pope Jar-Jar

Pope Super Mario

… this is one of the worst threads I’ve ever seen on here. Ever. From the beginning to the very end.
I mean it.

Pope Ron Jeremy