If you were a wrestler, what would be your song?

Oh, and it can’t be a song already used by a wrestler, past or present.

I think I would have Faint as a theme. It’s an awesome song and it would fit a wrestler’s theme.

If toon wrestlers don’t count, I would have the same repertoire as Hammer & SuperBeast from StickDeath.

I would probably either go for “Braking The Habit”, or “Sing For The Moment”. I like both those songs, and I think they would make a good entrance theme, for me.

Um, most of us aren’t wrestling fans, so I don’t think we would know if a theme is used for a wrestler or not.

Well if you don’t know, then just say one you think would be cool to have, and forget about whether it’s already been used.

A Perfect Circle - Judith

The “Countdown” theme tune :get it?:

Engel by Rammstein

About the only time I watch wrestling is when I visit my grandma. (Her favorite is Jericho.)

Lousy rules, I was going to say “All The Things She Said” but it’s already a wrestler’s theme.

Trillian:Cool grandma:get it?:

Secret Agent Man. What else!?

If i were a wrestler, my theme song would be “i never want to be a wrestler ever” by “even if it was the last job in the world”

Toccata d-Moll, by Johan Sebastian Bach. And I don’t wrestle or like wrestling, wrestling looks too much like kinky sex.

X/1999 - eX Dream.

“The end of the world is coming, hopes and dreams cannot stop it…”

The Unforgiven

Lollipop Lust Kill - Personal Jesus


Rhapsody - Trolls in the Dark.

Why cant we be friends
by whoever wrote it


Only because they have a new album coming up and it’s just about the ultimate last song a wrestler would ever have as a theme song :stuck_out_tongue: