If you thought I'd died...

Well you’re wrong, ja.

And This time no Mister Nice Guy…

Za nen deshita!? (This is unfortunate, According to Brad Lesley)

I take it you’ve not pleased for being kicked out for appogsing for a minor act of Plagerism, well that is how we saw it…

No one thought you died. We all knew you were banned and why. :x

Welcome back Nutter. And while I knew you were banned, I can’t say I know what for.


Unless you want me to rename you, and appropriately so, Little Neutered, you will do nothing that even comes close to infringing on the rules.

I fought to get it out of them… They claim sexual Herasment of a certain member of staff…

I, however, beleive otherwise…

NINJA’d by Sin: You’ve not been to Vahalla Recenlty Sin…

He’ll do it, too! Sin’s a loose cannon Admin who DOESN’T PLAY NICE!

BMO wins at life.

If you even try to piss me off or you return to your harassmentI’m going to see you out of here faster than you forgot you’re a depraved pos.

That was the post you wrote 3 months in advance?


Stop fucking free posting

Thread now given over to how we think BigNutter will be banned next time.

God I love being a moderator.