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I don’t have a SPECIFIC game on mind, but I can list what I would like to see on most RPGs:

Graphics: Anime-like.
Character Selection: Create your own, or choose from a group (ala Saga Frontier.)
Stealing from people’s houses: NO. Or at least not without consequences. ie: “You steal the old lady’s magical teapot. Now the local authorities attack you on sight.” :stuck_out_tongue:
Shops: Limited in selection. Why is it possible to buy 99 suits of armor- specially from a SMALL store somewhere? And why is magical and special equipment available everywhere? Isn’t treasure hunting the main adventuring motivation? Magic shops can exist, but should be rare. Also, each character has his or her own limited equipment-carrying capacity. Armors worn are VISIBLE. You CAN change weapons in mid-fight (but in counts as an action.)
Talking with people: Something more than just “click X to be given a clue… over and over again.” I’m thinking something like the Interaction system in the Persona games, but with all characters, not just demons.
Inns: Restings does NOT heal ALL your ills. I mean come on, it’s ridiculous. USe those potions and spells!
Saving Points: What for? Just save anywhere. We got the technology now.
World Map: 3d maps. Random encounters apply. Also, Day and Night, and weather changes. Some Pokemon games have these features.
Monsters: Less frequency of encounters, and more variety. Ex: Pokemon. YES I SAID POKEMON! Those creatures show a LOT of creative design!! …Err, but with less cute graphics.
Battle: Real time, with “Turn-Based” and “Auto” settings. Characters can move on a (small) field with area effects, ala most tactic games. Monsters don’t give out gold or items when killed (another absurdity, unless they’re Human or humanoid.) Instead they give useful materials (Phoenix feathers, Unicorn horns, meat, etc.)
Character Advancement: No classes or levels: Abilities increased by use, ala FF2. Skills can be learned from Masters, ala Breath of Fire, and Spells from special quests, ala Saga Frontier.
Dungeons: Traps are acceptable; riddles (like “assemble this puzzle, which has been lying here for 1000 years waiting for you, just to pass to the next room”) are not, unless some logical explanation is given (ex: get a ID card to enter a high-security building, as in FF7.) Obstacles like pits and walls are acceptable. Monster encounters in here fixed, not random. Money and items CAN be found here (just not ON monsters.).
Bosses: With GOOD AI. No “monster just casted Heal on itself even though it’s still uninjured” kinda things. CAN be affected by status effects (except cheap ones like instant Death.)
Recruitment for the party: Totally voluntary, except for certain story-related scenes.
Sidequests: Many, and available from the start.
Endings: At least two.

Hmm … let’s see. I’ve got … three-eighths of an idea for this one. I’ve even got the final boss’s theme composed! :smiley:

Name: Demon Savior. It’d be a Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior parody.
Battle type: It’s a 3D versus fighter, like Tekken or DOA, except with more jumping.
Movement type: The control stick moves you around on the ground. Got separate buttons for jump and duck.
Main character description: Hmm. Well, the characters would all be monsters and stuff. There’d be a succubus, a generic vampire, a bolts-on-neck-and-flat-top-head monster named Franklin Steiner … oh, and the endboss would be this fallen angel.
Rating and reasons: I have no idea what the fuck you’re asking here.
Graphics: 3D, of course. Hmm … probably not quite realistic. Not exactly FF7-level, but not FFX-level, either.
Time period: Sorta Victorian/Western era, I guess.
Genre(s): Horror/comedy. :smiley:
Other features: A storyline where all the “official” paths are consistent. None of that crap like in Guilty Gear X-Plus where several characters had two endings, both of which contradicted canon. (F’rinstance, Testament. In one of his endings, he and Dizzy decide to stay in the grove for 1000 years; in the other, he and Dizzy leave together. Canon states that Dizzy left the grove, and Testament stayed.)

Battle Type: One half like a space combat sim, one half like a tactical squad-based TBS (ie Xcom, Jagged Alliance, or Silent Storm) for boarding actions. A ‘universe map’ is there too. If the space combat bit plays like Independence War 2, then that could basically be the Universe map right there, though I am going for a Star Control 2 style universe map.
Presentation style: Mostly Freeform, you are from practically the getgo free to go whereever you want, though there is some on-rails stuff at the beginning for tutorial, and telling you the story. Yes, there is a goal, your freedom only goes so far as achieving said goal.
Setting: A hundred years have passed since an alien race invented an easy to build warp drive, and foolishly spread it to the other races with reckless abandon. After the initial bits of warring, some members of each species banded together to form an alliance/republic, wherein they would be a nation of all the species. The war for independence was successful, but the old nations that are species-specific still exist today (ie the Earth government, which is strictly human). There are some ‘space cities’ in existence now, but a fair chunk of space still remains uncolonized, untapped, and unexplored.
Story: You are the captain of some obscure starship (like, a freighter, or a mining ship) that by some odd chance gets a hinting of some conspiracy going on. Who is behind it is unknown, but its one of the nations gearing up for war, thats for sure. However, you are soon caught redhanded doing something that SEEMS illegal, making you an outlaw. On the run from the law from the alliance government, and avoiding the species-specific nations since you have a multi-species crew, you must uncover this consipracy, and prevent said war.
Gameplay: after the initial tutorial and intro, the game goes into all-out freeform mode. Your starting ship may be inable to go to certain areas for whatever reason (ie fuel supply, or maybe there are multiple warp methods and you can only do so many), but otherwise you are free to unravel the conspiracy however you wish. The space elements will have both ‘space cities’ and the uncolonized fringe. The cities part will kinda play out like a GTA in space, at least insofar as it being a giant, breathing city, with large amounts of traffic. The frontier will let you scan new systems for interesting features, ranging from valuable minerals, to anomalies, to undiscovered alien nations! The space combat will play out like a space combat sim, in the vein of either Wing Commander, Freespace, or Independence War (likely IWar, since IWar2 already had a persistent universe-ish thing going for it). However, it is possible to dock to stations, or other ships, and perform boarding options to capture supplies or even the entire ship, which is where the tactical squad combat comes into play. There will be the ability to trade for goods, and as such there will be a hierarchy of upgrades and equipment for both sides of the gameplay to follow. This is achieved by docking to certain ships or stations, and opting not to raid them. There will also be a dialogue system in he vein of PC RPGs, with a slight variation on what options are available depending on whether it is over the comms system, or if you go up close and personal (which requires you to be docked).
Characters: There will be both unique characters earned by progressing the stories, and ‘fodder’ characters whom are basically one-shot units. The uniques level up, but the fodder units just grow obsolete as better options become available. These people will be for the ground combat bit. You will never get to see yourself, as you are playing as yourself. Any scene that absolutely needs you available will be done in first person. You will not be able to do the ground combat yourself as such.
Story Structure: Due to the freeform nature of the game, the game will be structured so there are numerous ‘ministories’ that you have to complete at least some of. They are relatively short, and each will piece a part of this conspiracy together, one piece at the time. Since the pieces to conspiratory puzzles never reveal themselves easily, and especially never in order, the multiple ministory strucutre should be bolstered by the freeform gameplay. After a sufficient number of key ministories are done, the final one becomes apparent, as the true enemy is revealed.

I cant believe I managed to make the structure of a story without actually making said story.

I also cant believe I forgot the bold tags. Sorry, peoples eyes!

I made one once, but It was lost with everything else on my old computer. It crashed.

Dude, put [b]-tags around that damn thing, I can’t even tell what section ends where.


That would be awesome!!!

I need a name and a team of people…

Name: Not Actual one, the one I call it: Big Nutter Project Gamma
Battle type: Multiplayer availble if more than one character availble to battle. (Prelude sequences are one player, some sequences are 2 player only, most are 4 or more)
Standard Battle: Kindom Hearts/Zelda/Drakengaurd/BloodRayne on the ground battling with R1+2+Z: magic/overdrive/items (I’ve planed it for X-Box PS2 NGC & changed it slighty for DS), L12+D-Pad/touch screen/: Commads to Fellow hero unit. R-stick/C-stick/touch screen: change Stances. Select changes hero units.
Airship: Drakenguard on Dragon/ Turrent mode for some charactrers.
Shipfleats/Army: D-pad: move selcted Hero unit, ABXY/Touch screen: Afiliated units commands.
Movement type: Various. Heros have up to 5 stances, one for town/citys. Also note that airship has 2 movent modes Fly or go to point on Map. There is also Time travel.
First two Hero characters description: Acacia: Caramel Blonde elf whom Loses her voice early on. Had a great singing voice. Uses Sword/dagger/Sheilds
Trey: From my book in progress for look:

As he carried Acacia heard Maurice call Eduardo a wimp. After reaching the he courtyard placed her next to man also bound like her except for the collar, in a scruffy red cloak in a cage on the back of a carriage.
Basicly has little memory and is the white mage.
Rating and reasons: UK 12/15
Graphics(Sprites or models)(Anime, western, or realistic style): Depentant on system or I may go Anime.
Time period: Fastasy Past and also Fantasy Present
Genre(s): Fanstsy
Other features: Muliplayer. Semi-naked female heros. (All of them get interupted when showing certain injurys to Trey, BY the Same Hero units)

I could post 8 A4 pages on it. then another 20 on plot. then maps…

Name: Tales of Mana
Battle type: 3rd person, ala Zelda
Movement type: The control stick moves you around on the ground. Got separate buttons for jump and spells.
Main character description: Du-hur me.
Graphics: Cel-Shaded
Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Other features: The C-Stick would be used to select spell elements, then the spells. 8 elements, 8 spells each, each increasing. A good 64 different spells could be used, each could be assigned to a different button (Ala Zelda weapons)

Name: Eternal Voyage

Type: Non-linear third person RPG

Battle type: A real-time mix of KOTOR and Jedi Academy, with greater movement abilities, and the option of assigning shortcuts to powers, combat feats and items, like in World of Warcraft. (KOTOR’s combat system limited movement a bit, and if you’re playing a game that’s centered on a universe where you can perform huge combat acrobatics, I’m sure you’ll want to see them included)

Movement type: Standard directional controls, with the ability to jump and use certain powers outside of combat for exploration purposes.

Graphics: Realistic 3-D

Overall: A very large playing field, maybe several dozen star systems, and possibly with the ability to jump between universes at some point. The player can create a completely customized character, and possibly pick a starting location that will provide an amount of backstory. After that, there could be several different plots, intertwined to varying extents, and the player could either explore freely, doing quests here and there, or pursue one (or all) of the main plots. It would be interesting if the player could also make custom equipment, and get a fully customizable spaceship. A variety of endings, that show the consequences of your actions in all the places you’ve visited. Players could either get a two-axis alignment sytem (light-dark / order-chaos) with the same kind of influence as the one in KOTOR games, but with different bonuses for each alignment, instead of just light or dark mastery.

Dialogue: KOTOR-style, no doubt. However, I’d like to see a greater variety of options, instead of just the good, neutral and evil responses in some parts.

Name: Street Fighter 4
Battle type: SF3: Third Strike fighting engine (exactly as it was in 3rd strike)
Movement type: Left & Right, Up = Jump, Down = Duck… its a fighter, geez!
Main character description: There would have to be alot, like as many as CVS2
Rating and reasons: T for animated violence
Graphics(Sprites or models)(Anime, western, or realistic style): Sprites, capcom style
Time period: modern day
Genre(s): 2D Fighter
Other features: I’d would be a port of the 3rd strike engine, featuring all (every single one) of the Street Fighter characters from all of thier games packed into one awesome game. Capcom would also have to stop being lasy ass motherfuckers and redo every single sprite with a quality level no less than that of SF3: Third Strike.

I’ll describe the game I’d make in just six words:

Wild Arms themed First Person Shooter

I’m thinking of making a new type of gameplay:

Name: The perfect sin
Battle type: Move left or right to dodge attacks. Use Keyboard
Movement type: Click on doors to go to different room. Use Mouse
Main character description: Choose from a Male or Female
Rating and reasons: T: Blood and Religious reference
Graphics: Anime sprites
Time period: Future
Genre(s): Action adventure RPG
Story: The year is 34678. The earth is in great peril, as the sun’s gravity pulls it closer and closer, or at least we thought that was what was causing it. The truth is, devils are pulling us toward the sun.
Other features: Multiple endings and secret characters

We need an evil VG once in a while, with the main characters being evil, not heros:

Name: Not sure, but something with a bit of evilness to it.

Battle type: I like the suprise involved with random battles, and a battle system like FFX. Some enemies you can see, while others you cannot. Battles would take place on a seperate field other than the one you are on, like in FF4-9.

Movement type: Basic movements, but with added action features like in FFX-2. Also, being able to either run or walk, not just one or the other, depending on the situation.

Main character description: Not your normal hero, but a minion of a higher evil that plots to take over the world, etc etc. Cynical and arrogant, with tons of magic powers. Basicaly, the henchman that carries out the will of the master; stop the heros.

Rating and reasons: T, for animated blood, language, and graphic violence.

Graphics(Sprites or models)(Anime, western, or realistic style): 3D sprites, but not cheap ones. Similiar to a dark, elegant, anime style. Tons of detail like in the FF series.

Time period: Good old fantasy(swords, magic, armor) with touches of colonial(elegant costumes, colonial settings) with hints of sci-fi(airships, mechanical enginering).

Genre(s): RPG, of course.

Other features: You are the bad guys. You control where to fight the heros, and what traps to set for them. Even though heros end up escaping, like in normal RPGs, they do not go unscathed. Instead of fighting monsters in dungeons, you infiltrate castles, capture princesses, destroy cities, etc. Evil will end up winning, but mutiple endings judge wether you were good at it.

You’ve just described every PC RPG made since 1980.

Ever heard of GTA? Or Fable?

No, not when it is part of the storyline. I mean, it IS the storyline, not just choices you make.

GTA does not count for an RPG. ugh

I made a real game once while I was in Electronic Game Design in college over a year ago.

Name: The Swarm
Genre: Shmup
Movement type: Free-Roaming
Main character description: The Gregenskall are a species which specialises in bio-engineering. The Vandorak are a race of power-hungry aliens which harvest planets from all resources to build their Armada. War ensues between the two races.
Rating and reasons: E as there is no trace of blood or any kind of gore, just simple explosions.
Graphics: We used both sprites and 3D models. I’d say we were aiming for an old-school look as we used various space pictures for background.
Time period: Far, far future, in a galaxy far, far away :wink:
Other features: There is a feature to create your own levels, there is also an amusing FMV showing myself and other team members(We were 4) in some comical situations with the characters of the game.

Unfortunately, said game can’t be distributed as the college owns the copyrights and all :frowning:

I just started making Gray Ninja.