If you had one wish for yourself what would it be?

oh man. I would totally wish to be able to play the guitar awesomely and know how to sing, just cause making music seems like such a pretty thing to be able to do. But that’s just a whimsical wish - I guess I find that what we truly wish for is granted to us all the time only like, we don’t know it most of the time since we’re not really in the groove of the moment. Like I guess I don’t really wish I was able to play the guitar awesomely and sing, but it’s a nice little ego-dream I can have too :slight_smile:


I want Trillian’s sig blinky thing …

I would wish for is that I could be a good actoress. If that was not important I would wish that I could have an supply of money that would never get used up in my lifetime.


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I’d wish a thousand wishes :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d wish a huge bank account with unlimited money on it

Am not materalistic, but am tired of paying bills and being in debt. I need lots of money.

The power to have the right words.

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to have more wishes

First I would wish right that. After some time of wishing I would get bored and wish for the destruction of the world and all live… nothing special…:runaway:

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The power to have the right words.

Ditto. Reading people’s thoughts would be fun, but unfortunately, one might end up with more grief than joy over the thoughts and secrets one finds out…

So I’d rather just want the ability to say the things I want in the way I want them to come out… not in the way others interpret them.

To be a new man with physical, social, mental, spiritual and moral traits of my choice.

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<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Your wish is granted next time you come into the chat.

You’ll end my suffering? TD you’re a god.

But yeah I know what you mean. I’m on the lookout for you now.

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To be a new man with physical, social, mental, spiritual and moral traits of my choice.

Same here… either that or to have the ability to turn back time…

I’d wish for eight wishes.

  1. A sandwitch. (Read Calvin and Hobbes if you don’t get it.)

  2. To get this damn USB Controller working for my ROMs

  3. To always have money. It really can make people happier.

  4. Knowledge of how the universe works.

  5. The ability to “fold” the dimentions.

  6. To lead a happy life with my girl.

  7. To have all other wishes I have made come true (as long as I still want them to).

  8. More wishes.

One wish and it has to be for myself?

OK, it’d be that I’d be pregnant. lol…I’m serious. I really want a little one.

Well uh, you dont really need to wish, you can just do it

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Loads of toilet-related stuff I won’t bother you with.

To rise above human condition and become something else.

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Well uh, you dont really need to wish, you can just do it

I wish it were that simple. But a husband and wife have to agree on the timeline first. My timeline I have in mind just happens to be a little sooner than his. Plus, you’re not guaranteed it right off…my sister’s been trying for 5 years unsuccessfully! Who’s to say I might not have the same problems?

Oooh right…I assumed every couple agreed on when to have babies like we did. And well, if at first you don’t suceed…try and try again >> <<

Im sorry Im a teenager.

I would wish for more wishes. But if that wouldn’t work I’d ask for very powerful Telikinetic powers.

I’d either wish for the ability to manipulate time. Or to be a true angelic warrior.