If you had lost...

Considering the question cannot fit in the Question fillout box, the question is.

If you had dropped your CD player, attatched to your good headphones, while playing your favorite CD, all in a lake, where you could never, ever possibly get it back, what are you most likely to say?

The cd player, because headphones are easy to come by, and I always rip my cds to my computer, so I could just burn a new one.

Yeah, but some headphones can come up to $100+. My friend used to buy like, 500$ headphones, and I’d keep nagging at him to not waste his money… I don’t see why people don’t buy some $5 ear budds from HMV, or something. :confused:

Oh, and I picked CD. 'cause my CD player was about $28, and my favorite CD is about $30ish. But, the expensiveness has nothing to factor in my decision, 'cause my favorite CD is special, and has a cool CD design. :stuck_out_tongue:

Surprisingly, headphones. An on-par discman goes for what, 30 canadian dollars? A good pair of headphones is over 100, my semi-expensive ones were $80. They saved me money, and the quality of sound can’t be matched by earbuds. The bass is deep and throbbing, the treble is sharp and clear. Earbuds can be pretty damn good, but they’re just not the same, and CDs can be replaced by a 20.


“Screw it. I’ll get another one.”

Yeah, that’s probably what I’d say too.

I’d probably say an extremely obscene word. Then again, why would I take such things to a lake?

Good point, but let’s just say you did anyway…

Well, I’d probably say something along the lines of, “Not fair! My CD, my precious! The lake is evil, EVIL!”

In case that doesn’t give you enough of a hint, I voted for CD.
'Cause I have two CD players (don’t know how that happened, really), and headphones aren’t too expensive.

I’d probably kill the next living thing I saw, inflicting sheer terror into all around me as I went into a frenzied rampage…CD

Considering that my CD player is a $250 CD/MP3/WMA player worth more than my CD or my headphones, I voted for that. Keep in mind I bought this three and a half years ago and they are cheaper now.

and i thought me CD player cost alot

I voted CD Player, for the same reasons as Gila-Monster

I’d probably say an extremely obscene word. Then again, why would I take such things to a lake?

I meant that if that occurance ever happened, what are you most likely to say; of the choices avaliable.

Oh, and this topic is based on the time I did, infact drop my CD player while playing one of my not-so-favorite CDs, in a lake. Damn canoeing trip… luckily, I still got my headphones, which were 50-something dollars. :stuck_out_tongue:

“At least it wasn’t a pie this time.”

If I dropped a pie in a lake…oh, the torment of those around me!

I’d kill myself if I dropped a pie in a lake.

Heaven forbid that a pie falls in the lake! I didn’t mean it that way. I meant at least my cd player didn’t fall in a pie again.

But then you would have a pie that doubled as a CD player.

But then when you put your earphones in and took a bite of pie, you might realize you accidentally mixed up the two and put some pie in your ear and munched on your headphones