If you dream about mashmallow, what taste are your pillow when you wake up?

Strange title for an “I’m back” thread.

  1. I been away for a week (Obviously)… and Hell breaks loose on the boards? wtf? o_O

  2. I went on a trip, to the Iles de la Madeleine. They are in the further east of Canada, even farther than I.P.E, and the only way to reach them is by boat. They are part of the Quebec province and they speak french there. So it wasn’t trouble speaking with habitants. The sea was way too cold to swim, unfortunatly, so we didn’t do much beachs. But I did a lot of things, including boat trips, equitation, wild life hiking, and stuff like that. You have to see the isles, it just beautiful. Just say I really enjoyed myself.

On the trip back, passing on New Brunswick… I tried the hot tub for the very first time. Oh boy, those thing are the best ever. And since they spoke english… I barely could commanded my breakfeast… heh… :thud:

Well anyway… I’m back… for only a week x_x;;

Irony as I’ve been away for a while too, so welcome back, man :slight_smile: Hopefully I won’t be back for only a week X(

And your pillow would taste of coconut. Not that I know, or anything… >.> <.<

: Mr. Waving Smilie is eating his pillow and says ‘Mmmfcommf Mmmammf’.

I think he said ‘Welcome Back’, but it might as well have been something about the taste of his pillow and Urkani’s underwear.

does the welcome back dance

Silly Booken! No one does equitation, and certainly no one commands their breakfast around! Here we do horseback riding and order breakfast! :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you had a good time though. Tell me you at least went swimming a couple of times, though!

Good to know you had fun Bookey. Welcome back for the time you’re here anyway.

/me huggles teh Bookey.

Booken! I learnded Frozen Orb! Now JainaX2K’s just like you! ^.^

Like me? What are you using for Fire and Lightning Magic? =P



I just put no more than one point in everything, stuck with Nova or Blizzard and let my Numidian Merc handle the baddies until I got to use Chain Lightning, put a point in that then used that and Blizzard until I got to Lv. 30.

It also helps to have a lot of +1 to Sorc Skill Level stuff.

Putting all your points in one skill will give you trouble at Hell. A lot of it.

Anyway, I like Hydras and Thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm is kinda passive, while Hydras… pwns. Yeah.

Hugs Urkani ^^

Welcome back Booken ^^;;

Welcome back booken, good thing you didn’t come back at the board’s hell peek.

Welcome back Booken, return sanity to these boards! :stuck_out_tongue:

*Epicgamer grabs Booken and runs off.

Booooooooky :yipee: tacklehugs booky

Yo booken, what up?